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Appreciation of ancient jade in the Han Dynasty

During the han dynasty, due to social stability and strong national strength, jade culture was flourishing. Han dynasty inherited in the warring states period jade on the basis of traditional and innovative, bold and vigorous, majestic's artistic style, since the ancient Chinese jade up late hongshan culture, the liangzhu culture, shells, another peak after the warring states period. This period jade variety is abundant, quantity is numerous, the craft is exquisite, appeared many exquisite works. The jade sacrificial vessel was reduced, and the jade ornaments used as decoration were greatly increased, and the jade apparatuses used for burial had been greatly increased, and the jade ware also had a great development. In the process of carving, the round carving, the high relief, the jade ware and jade inlaid with jade are also significantly increased. But the dragon and phoenix animal still relatively abstract, in order to reflect the kingship, is not realistic.
Han dynasty ancient jade appreciation.

Natural jade carving ancient Chinese jade collectibles
In the han dynasty, jade lanterns were extremely rare, and only one of the museum's museums was in the warring states period, which was a few hundred years later, but it was not easy to collect. Lamp is made up by three pieces of jade, lamp holder, light pole, lamp plate, persimmon tha lamp holder carved lines, light pole carved into a flower stalks, lamp plate as if from the flower stem that grow out of a blooming flower.
If a dragon or a feather carving of a dragon or a feather carving has been very concrete, it is the han dynasty, you must not fall for it.
Wei jin southern and northern dynasties period, the jade making significant han, depression or unearthed jade also handed down from ancient times request, even if occasionally excavated a small jade, also work a brief mostly simple, seiko is few.
Sui and tang dynasties, the country strong, developed economy, cultural exchanges between the abnormal prosperity, influenced by foreign culture, some new patterns and appeared on the sui and tang dynasties jade, flying, made people, ribbons, peacocks, ducks are quite realistic, fully embodies the processing craft mature.
Han dynasty ancient jade appreciation.

Natural jade carving ancient Chinese jade collectibles
Han dynasty rosefinch goblet, hetian seed makings fine white jade carved and become, conception of wonderful artical excelling nature, rosefinch tail to form a bell mouth, just empty carved a goblet, rosefinch promenading, took his stride with bold and vigorous, free and easy. Zhu sparrow's chest carvings a small dragon, the lower mouth of the cup is carved a living ring, carved by a piece of jade, it is very exquisite; The feather in the top of the bird's head forms a small loop that can be worn by the rope.
Late tang dynasty and five dynasties and ten states period, China split again, wars frequently, failure, severe social economy, the jade culture has greatly affected, now clearly defined as the five dynasties and ten states unearthed jade article, the author has not yet seen one.

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