We Only Sell Natural Jade. All Of Our Jade Products Support Laboratory Test And 7 Days Return Policy.

Our Story

Jade Nature is a professional jade brand which focus on jade design and production for more than thirty years. We are located in the jade city of China--Nanyang and here is the biggest jade wholesale market in world. With great passion and years of hard work,we are much proud to bring unique value to each of our clients and always built a long-term cooperation.

Every journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. In 1972,the grandfather of Mike Cheng--DaoQuan Cheng started learning jade carving in Nanyang city. He is a good man and always kind to others,his hard work made him soon become the top apprentice in the class,however he was not contented as he believed that the true creative design should not always be old styles or referencing from others,he realized that he need spiritual practice to open his mind. So he went to Tibet and spent three years of Dharma practice to find himself and feel the nature.

Facts has proved that this period is the most important time in his life,finally he got his answers and went back to begin his career,he got great success in the jade city. After 10 years accumulate the father of Mike Cheng--ChuanLin Cheng took over the family business gradually. Advanced technology and scientific mode of operation pushed the business to a new level. In 2005 Mike Cheng inherited the family business and started the overseas plan still on the road now.

It's our faith to make people get real jade and feel the beauty of jade. Choosing us is the best choice for you and we are looking forward to hear from you.