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Appreciation of exquisite jade pendant

Since ancient times, jade ornaments are endowed with the meaning of auspicious and extensive wear, jade ornaments are mostly folk proverbs, target language and mythology as subject matter, characters, animals, flowers and birds, and implements image show people pursuit and yearning for a better life.
Jade carving art is the highest level of each jade jade, and also the most difficult to achieve. All the charm is vivid, and both of them are artistic beauty, reflecting rich collection value. On the contrary, the process is poor, the technique is inferior, blindly imitate, violate the works of artistic beauty, the appreciation value is much inferior. Therefore, the collection of jade jade is not only the material of jade, but also the technological level of jade and the artistic quality of jade. The reason is very simple, the material of jade is better, the stock in nature is more scarce, its processing difficulty is bigger, the value is higher.
Appreciation of exquisite jade pendant.

Natural jade pendant jadeite jade pendant necklace
Each jade carving of jade carving is in the pursuit of artistic artistic conception. Artistic conception is the emotional appeal and state of artistic works or natural scene. The artistic conception refers to the poetic space of the fusion of the scene, the real life and the rhythm of life.
The beauty of artistic conception is different from the beauty of form, which is implicit and indistinguishable. The appreciation of artistic conception shows the unity of real image and virtual association. The image created by the artist is real, which causes our imagination to be imaginary, and the imaginary realm created by the image is the combination of real and real. Creating artistic conception is a kind of Oriental ancient typical heavy batter beyond infinite image generation, emphasis on the objective existence of the "emotion, things," hing to trigger associations with god, the pursuit of "carefree heart will, beauty is difficult and gentleman said", attach importance to "suddenly look back, that person but in the lights dim".
Appreciation of exquisite jade pendant.
We first look at the shape when we are admiring the process of jade jade ornament, which is the aesthetic framework of jade jade ornament, which is also an important factor in determining the value of jade collection. The shape is determined by the function and the shape of the jade billet. Symmetrical, not mechanical, balanced and stable is the work of beauty. Then there is the ornamentation. Ornamentation is the decoration of jade, its beauty and ugliness are easily perceived and felt.

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