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Beautiful jade appreciation: colorful jadeite carvig

Jade color colorful and abound change, there are "the jade points five colours", whereas emerald green, red, purple, yellow, white, black, six basic colors, under each kind of color according to the lightness and chroma can be divided into a number of different hues. Different colors can also appear on the same block of materials, such as "fu lu shou", which is the color of red, purple and green at the same time. "Spring brings color" is the appearance of green and purple; And "fu lu shouxi" is red, yellow, green, purple four colors appear on the jade material at the same time, very rare.

Natural jade carving jadeite collectibles grade A
This jade hand is rich in materials, rich in color, red, yellow, white, blue and black, light green and many other colors, glossy oil, fine farming, very rare in the market. Adopt the whole piece of three-dimensional full relief methods and qiao color carving process, the overall polishing, fruity and smooth, carving a scorpion, centipede, toad, spiders, snakes, ruling, expression of natural vivid, lifelike. Ruling cluster, chill, folk known as the hair of the dog, the effect of flooding disaster to ward off bad luck, but the ruling of jade does not see more, is rare in the jade carving, the topic of this work.
Beautiful jade appreciation: colorful and the emerald hand of the hand.
Multicolored jadeite hand.
Work is the most can reflect carving skills in the collocation of color and subject matter, blue-black centipede is I think the most impressive part of the uniformity of the centipede body color, black and blue only see there will be a kind of chill, maliciousness incomparable feeling, several feet is pure white and glossy oil moisten, cold, and high light is nifty and lovely. The most toxic part of the scorpion, the tail, is carved from the red patek, and the toxicity of the scorpion is vividly depicted. Boa constrictor in the scorpion, vomit a long letter, the concave and convex texture of the body is very image, the skin characteristic of the snake skin is reflected. Toad's body and spider look at each other, the color is in place, the head of the spider blue black, the red tail is very image, like the real spider. The five poisons lay around the vase, symbolizing peace, and everything was agreeable.

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