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Blue Jadeite

From a physical point of view, the sky is blue because of the dust in the air, so the sky is blue!
The water's blue water is the absorption of about 750 nanometers by the hydrogen-oxygen bond in the water molecules, and a large amount of water is concentrated in blue.

Natural jade pendant jadeite pendant
Blue water jadeite is one of the bluewaterkindofjadeite products. It is mainly composed of green pyroxene, which has a fine texture and is usually light gray and blue, and also has a shallow, fine grained fibrillar structure and ultra-mylonitic structure.

Natural jade pendant jadeite pendant
Pure blue shows a kind of beauty, calm, reason, calm and broad. Blue has the steady characteristic, has the reason, the accurate image. Blue is a clear, romantic, dreamlike world.Natural jade bangle jadeite bangle
Blue jade, such as the sea, like sky color, always stay in that moment!

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