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Chinese jade carving master jiang wenbin series of works appreciation

In the jade carving circle in Beijing, jiang wenbin is known as the "eccentric genius" and has been working in this field for more than 30 years since he began to enter the jade carving industry in the early 1980s. Jiang wenbin is a master of jade carving with deep foundation, quick thinking, wide range and comprehensive skills. In 2005, he created the hotan white jade "glory figure of an ancient name for China" was rated as contemporary jade treasures, and in recent years, he created the "huaxia glory figure", "the root of Chinese", "the group of birthday", like "the legend of the qiantang river, favored by the market.

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The raw material of the works is taken from the karsh river of yulong, xinjiang. It belongs to the mountains and streams in the white jade of hetian. It has a fine texture and a gentle color, with a little impurities, a split and a whole yellow stone belt. The works are carved in the form of jade mountain and carved with the excellent architecture of the Chinese nation for thousands of years. The front is in the first pass - shanhaiguan, with the Great Wall as the dragon vein, chenghai tower, jade gate and so on. From the temple of the temple of heaven, wutai mountain tower, the temple of the temple, the temple of Confucius temple and dunhuang grottoes. These magnificent ancient buildings and mountains, water, clouds, fog, trees and so on, and the integration of the integration, a sound and smooth expression of the north of the country's magnificent mountains. The landscape sculpture on the back of the work shows the beauty and beauty of jiangnan. The layout of the whole work is reasonable, the creativity is super vulgar, the design is wonderful, the craft is exquisite, the atmosphere is not only, can be regarded as the Chinese jade carving history of the wonderful system. The work was awarded the contemporary jade carving in 2005.

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