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Chinese jade carving master li dong series of works appreciation

Li dong jade carving creation shows a tendency of forge ahead in recent years, the enterprising, act the role of the represented in his from a character to large jade carving dashanzi widely, also show the content of jade culture with great concentration. He is diligent, good at learning, and has a good mind. But winning by qiao is not he, in his career and development, banned, traditional cultural gene melts in his veins, and with the advantages of humanities ceremony the capital, the rich cultural resources to become his beneficial to the growth of the nourishing, thus formed the heavy muddy, atmosphere, fit, the masculine style, in the practice of the jade carving art, strode on a dedicated to dig the Chinese learning resources conversion and innovation of traditional culture.
Chinese jade carving master li dong series of works appreciation.
What is momentum, cao cao said: "the hero of the fu, the heart of the great ambition, the belly of the conspiracy, there is a space to hide the universe, and the aspirants of heaven and earth." This heroic spirit also. Qi is the essence of a person's soul. Without qi, there is no vitality. Mr. Li dong, a master of jade carving, was impressed by the influence of the northern culture.
So as to master li dong talk about current Chinese jade carving industry scale disease, his words "a hammer broken, avenue" with great momentums, searing, but don't make me feel surprised, because his eyes he can be anticipated with the gas of the artistic conception of free from vulgarity, his words, skills, work also must have the imposing manner.
Li dong thought: Jade carving craft is a concentrated reflection of the traditional culture of the Chinese civilization, but we now want to is a cultural heritage, rather than the imitation and repetition, so today we this generation master to do is break the traditional pattern, such as the most common on the market "in front" - bat coin my mouth, and "happiness consists in contentment, a spider climb on foot, and so on, although is a traditional Chinese homophonic metaphor pattern, but not degenerate into tacky and bad attitude", people all know that if there are bats fly to you in real life, a spider on your feet, you must be kicked away in fear, So these traditional patterns say that wearing is very hypocritical, can not satisfy the aesthetic taste of the society nowadays.

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After appreciating the jade carving works by li dong, he finally comprehended the cultural inheritance of innovation and true meaning. He works like a fresh and slightly cool spring breeze, with the south sent jade carving is soft, fine style is completely different, masculine, thick, have a kind to return uncut jade to put in the atmosphere and peace. It is no wonder that the industry generally reviews li dong jade carving creation increasingly shows a tendency of a forge ahead, the enterprising spirit, act the role of the represented in his from a character to large jade carving dashanzi widely, also show the content of jade culture with great concentration of research.
To realize the Taoism "natural" spirit of li dong, the jade carving art to have spirit, must have the soul, the heart must pay attention to "qi". "I think the gas of jade can be divided into the vulgar, the craftsmanship, the gas and the air." For a cut of jade division, "carved YuZhuo gas" the most important, avoid gaudy, get rid of customers-want, away from ShiJingQi, but instead should be just the impromptu proceed accordingly, clear and natural gas and the artist qi.
Art the mind, li dong is a very masculine also very gentle man, he has a master the unique atmosphere of culture, like the rainbow independent personality and elegant temperament and interest, the state of atmosphere on him wonderfully polymerization. At the same time, look at the beautiful jade carved by him, as if his own masculinity was incorporated into the feminine jade. What a heart it is, I am without me. Look at the jade carving works by li dong, and feel the elegance and atmosphere, like facing the sea. The movement is surging, towering, but easy but easy.
Art appreciation
Chinese jade carving master li dong series of works appreciation.
The works are selected and field ink jasper, good oil, high density. The author is carefully conceived, based on the shape of the material, the design of the work is a solid and solid shield, composed and low-key. The dark color of the ink, the low-key and gorgeous shield of the shield, the flying dragon in the sky of the heroic, the display of a kind of Yin and Yang harmonic beauty. The main body of the work is li tian's bi, the base of the breast nail pattern. One side of the circle is surrounded by clouds, the dragon is in the clouds, the dragon head is in the bir, the dragon's claws are in the bibi, the bibi is carved into a CV. On the other side, the main body is carved into a sword in the cloud atmosphere, and the sword is in the other side. The bibi and dagger intersect with the yangwen xiao zhuan engraved "jiaohsiung", the typeface is strong and strong. The jade in the works represents the jade and the upper part is yunlong. In the middle of the sword pattern, jian yu jian, jian wufeng and introverted, a metaphor for the Tibetan leader of the Taoist Ming dynasty. The whole work contains the spirit of the rich Chinese traditional culture, and with yunlong's thought of Taoism, the spirit of the Taoism, the mind, the world, the freedom, the willful travel. Such a work is either on the side of the body or in the palm of the palm, and the mind is to cultivate the mind and to maintain it. The work contains a spirit, which belongs to the combination of male and female, and has both the enterprising spirit of Taoism and the doctrine of Confucian doctrine. The JiJianWeiXiong the work on the creative pursuit of "return to empty into the muddy" at the same time, is also struggling to pursue many a mickle makes a muckle, and weak to strong, so move slowly, and the body, step by step after step by step to promote reach the state "JiJianWeiXiong", "hold world with virtue" is needed for inner spiritual motivation, then work in such a concept was born.
Chinese jade carving master li dong series of works appreciation.
The work is designed according to the shape of the material, the shape is irregular elliptic, meaning happy and satisfactory. The outside of the main body is carved by the freehand brushwork of the clouds, the illusory, like a fairyland. It is a combination of virtual and practical techniques. It is a combination of virtual reality and virtual reality. In addition, the author adopts the realistic technique to depict the scenes of five lively and innocent children playing hide and seek. Boy image reference in the traditional Chinese New Year pictures often use fuwa image, remove the decorative pictures, further XieShiHua processing, makes the five fuwa forms of hide and seek, darling. A lad was blindfolded, among both hands forward, a man followed behind her, after one hidden in stone, a high-five tease, not far in front of the other one, devoting to stretch out my hand, in the voice guide, the whole picture strong dynamic, vivid image. Around fuwa, there are stone columns winding around it, followed by rockery. The picture is not only vivid, but also profound, and the boy is both fuwa and fuwa, looking for several other fuwa, which means to seek happiness, and he is also blessed with good knowledge. Five fuwa is my blessing, I am blessed. Taihu stone, also known as shoushi, five fuwa plays by the taihu stone, meaning five fugong longevity. Life of stone a few leaf orchid, a clump of looming pine needles, fold branch flowers and plants in traditional Chinese painting techniques, there are pines in the mountains, the water's edge orchid, on the one hand, to enrich the content of the image, but also moral refined taste and longevity, but also because the orchid is general growth at the edge of the brook, makes the work is not in the water, the but again like the smell of water. The side of the skin is portrayed as the gourd leaf, which is vivid picture and play with the child's play to echo, meaning the melon is in the mouth.
Chinese jade carving master li dong series of works appreciation.
The works are made of fine quality and white jade seed material. As an attempt, the work abandons the traditional practice of playing CARDS and adopts asymmetric composition in order to make a breakthrough while inheriting the tradition. Works under the clouds around the upper show wall of local, even though wall profile, meat, wear is not complete, but can give a person set aside sufficient imaginary space, thus feel as jack jade's mysterious ceremony day. The skin of the two parts of the meat is in the shape of the nail, while the side of the meat is white, with the official script inscribed "the smooth and smooth"; On one side, the wall was changed into a sundial, inscribed in the name of "zi ugou" in the name of yangwen great seal, and the rest of it was hidden from the cloud and the sword, and the metaphorical time was endless. In the middle of the work, the symmetry of the two sides is decorated with animal face, which is restrained and shrunk to the sword. The author take the traditional Chinese learning insight into his own work, try to figure in the drawings, work performance and profound to study abroad, and their present study harvest of traditional sinology, and maybe can bring some SiWu and enlightenment to the viewer.
Chinese jade carving master li dong series of works appreciation.
The works are carefully designed and carved with white jade seed material. The jade is delicate and oily, and the skin is beautiful and subtle. With the theme of "zen," the content is perfectly combined with jade and jade, and the design is ingenious and ingenious. With the author's understanding of zen, the author interprets the zen meaning in the author's heart. The meaning is meaningful and profound, and the author hopes to obtain the spiritual communication with the viewers and the resonance of the zen machine. Work on a lotus blossom diastolic, lotus, lotus leaf full, reed blown, bluegrass, swaying ShouShi coastlines, life of "grass spittor idle lie between lotus pond edge, a quiet, sweet, harmonious before summer lotus pond picture. But this picture of a serene picture isn't the author want to convey the content, by attempting to a picture of the harmonious beauty of the lotus pond in summer, and the combination of design elements, introduce the viewer took advantage of zen. The back of the work is not carved, just engraved "zen, and full of the spirit", and thus points out the main theme of the work.
Chinese jade carving master li dong series of works appreciation.
Hetian red jade is a rare kind of hetian jade, and the perfect form of hetian jade seed is more rare, the material used in this work is both rare and rare. Its skin color is purple, the flesh color is red, oil is moist if fat, thin and hard. To can maximum limit retained its natural shape, and can make its red jade only beauty is apparent, clever design, the author in the raw material in the central bulge window, skillfully execute process, elaborate, the red face doors of small image be vividly portrayed. Surrounded by a line of lines delineate zhong kui's official hat and the eyebrows, the skin and meat of the beautiful jade from deep and shallow, transitional nature. The traditional image of zhong kui is that the leopard's head is surrounded by the eyes. Here, in order to show the color of the red jade, design the image of drunken zhong kui, the face is red, the eyes are closed, the lion mouth is small, and qiu's beard is graceful, calm and comfortable, not angry. On the left side of the bar, with the tipsy zhong kui, more works added the fun. Zhong kui is the god of evil spirits, and red is the color of the Chinese people.
Chinese jade carving master li dong series of works appreciation.
Li dong, met several years ago, a teacher, a practice tantra received a picture from the tantric full-time monk in the hands of the green tara statues of thangka, though when the tantric tradition unclear, but it is the green body of green tara statues of thangka deeply attracted and impressed, then came in the form of jade carvings show the idea of tantric statues. Later began to pay attention to consciously collect related data, the earnest study, read a lot of green tara thangka and statues, especially lucky and master class ngan, heat will be met (ga) rinpoche, and serious division for the green tara statues up different parts of the painting techniques, the character of the proportion of relations and eyebrow eye after key points such as the depiction of the main points, didn't have the confidence to strictly according to the standard of tantric statues and testimonies, and performance of the green tara method with jade carving of the language.
Chinese jade carving master li dong series of works appreciation.
"Natural" jade CARDS, based on "through" Lao tze of traditional subjects, ancient and not constrained, the inheritance and innovation, closely around spread and carry forward the Taoist thought "the unity of" days into the culture, the unique originality, in-depth excavation, through to Lao tze yangxin enlightenment from the world, its excellent, intelligent image of HTC put in broken condition, interpretation, and charm, vivid and creation, of unity of heaven and earth, spirit jade, people, from the aspects of concept connotation profoundly reveals the ethical spirit of the nature of the tao, the creativity of deep tunnel, clever, rational layout, exquisite workmanship, give a person with beautiful enjoyment, the wisdom of enlightenment, of accomplishment, of blessing, The protection of the industry is a rare combination of jade and jade. Work easy-going Tian Yu seed makings natural shape, round bottom, side wave ups and downs, the coincidences, myriad changes the meaning of nature round place, will be in a vast, worldwide heart jade this small in see big, play gives birth to all things kin, a pulse is linked together, there are miles and miles of ups and downs and auxiliary bearing the image of each other aid. Couldn't help but make people view of the call, such as heart into my memory, random rhyme raw, hh, photographer octupole scenic spots, fangyuan majestic and to feel. Positive Lao tze sitting gas clouds above the sea, yet heaven, concentration, static grace, weigh, at first glance, the fairy sleeve is elegant, poly (heaven and earth, Yin and Yang qi for letters, and then reduction for gas, filling outwards and exaggerated idea, the meaning of natural appeal, the actual conversion, infinite, forming the great circle of the heavens and the earth cycle imposing manner, developing the wisdom comes from the natural (practice), and due to the natural (practice), the elephant invisible, vivid reflection of road clear. In the cloud, the blue bull, with a strong bearing and a strong body, is able to make a vivid appearance of the spiritual realm of the rich and virtuous. Is given priority to with dragon tattoo on the back, with gas lines, and clever and dancing, to structure a "tao", great weather, clouds, vast and charming landscapes, yuan word huge spirit because god and derivative, its potential dome though zhou. Author in large margins calligraphy "natural method", although a few tuo, indoor and outdoor is looked like, concise and lively, the performance of Lao tze like dragon apotheosis "spirit" in the days of understanding and the feeling of learning from the natural thoughts.
Chinese jade carving master li dong series of works appreciation.
The selection of this work is fine, the texture is exquisite, black as ink, color heavy quality, texture is warm, smooth and elegant. According to the elaborate design of Tibetan Buddhism and the craftsmanship, the combination of the Buddha statue and the beautiful jade, the dark and rich god's solemn laws leap out. The name of the black god of mammon is "zlatanbo", which is the king kong of the Oriental Buddha. In order to relieve the suffering of the destitute, it is believed that the black god of wealth is the god of wealth, which is the immediate effect of the wealth of the god of wealth, even calling him the king of wealth. The power of the black god of wealth is to exorcise all transgression and to make all good wishes come true. In the work, the black god of wealth wears a five-leaf crown, a bundle of gourd bun, a side of three eyes, a thick eyebrow raised, the nose wing angry zhang, a wide grin, the gingiva teeth exposed. The left show posture, whole body is exposed, pectoralis muscle is full, abdomen round drum, limbs thick short; Neckwear collar, waist line tassel string, hands and arms are decorated with bangles, decorative and delicate. The left hand holds the fat rat, the mouth contains the pearl, to show the infinite treasure; The right hand of the breastplate of the breastplate, represents the surrender of various obstacles. Facial features, updo, and pleats are all engraved, especially the lines of the lines.

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