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Cui: the interpretation of jade dragon style

Dragon diving cape fear the sky, for a moment to jump in the deep. Waiting for the meeting of the meeting, flying the six - to - kun. The dragon is a mythical creature of god, and legend has it that the dragon can be hidden, and the spring equinox is in the sky, and in the autumnal equinox, the qianyuan is a symbol of the supremacy and supremacy of the king. Leisurely up and down in five thousand, the dragon this "scale of family, and all the beasts of the respect", has infiltrated every aspect of Chinese society, become a cultural cohesion and accumulation, as the descendants of the dragon, descendants of the dragon, is an energy and the glory of his pride, however, we are the descendants of the dragon, the dragon and understand how much?

Natural jade carving jadeite dragon collectibles
There are countless dragon CARDS in the jade dynasty, with various forms, or scales and horns, and fierce atmosphere; Or without scales and horns, with ease and ease... . . Or the dragon changed, but its fastidious, actually each image of the dragon has a different name and meaning, guang ya have cloud: scaly dragon, winged should be dragons, horns, a kind of dragon, no Angle yue longnu.

Natural jade carving jadeite dragon collectibles
Cui: the interpretation of jade dragon style.
Fine glutinous green Burmese jade dragon and the world hang.
Qiu long a wave, wash a million spring, qiu long is the ancient legend has two horns, no beard the small dragon, is the growth of the dragon, the implication potential infinite, is ready to send. Qiu long jade pendant is especially suitable for the small boy, bless the child such as small dragon generally has the vigorous vitality, also will be in the adult time ambitious plans, the future is not limited.
Cui: the interpretation of jade dragon style.
Violet yellow philippe Burmese jade dragon dance seal.
Jiaolong generally refers to a dragon that can flood and scaly, and the "moke" describes "the shape of a snake like a snake, its head like a tiger, an elder to a number of zhangs, and a lot of people living in the caves of a stream, such as the sound of a cow." It is said that jiaolong lives in the lake deep and so on, secluded in the water of the pond or river far away from the home, so that the water can be used to make fog. "You can swim the dragon. You can't dance. But if the wind and rain come, they should not be in the pool." Dragon jade pendant is most suited to presented to budding young man, tell their meditation to pursue dreams, patience to hone attitude, ChenXin, when the storm hit, to seize the opportunity, causes the rain clouds, exert macro only.
Cui: the interpretation of jade dragon style.
Ice type apple green Burmese jade A cargo of the nine state pendant.
The winged dragon is called ying long, and the dragon is characterized by its twin wings, its head large and long, its eye sockets large, its eyebrows high, its teeth sharp, its tail pointed long, its limbs strong, like an alligator with wings. According to the description of the book, "dragon five hundred years is ceratosaurus, the millennium is the dragon", the dragon can be called the essence of the dragon, grow wings, can fly freely in the sky. Should be dragon "in the cloud rose, climb, ride travel smoke cloud, carving of the dragon should be jade pendant is often referred to as" dragon in the day ", the name you can see how, aplomb, therefore should wear the cui friend is often a powerful dragon, the palm of your hand power, whether in business or vips, and can be a word.
The clam is shorty, shining like a rainbow, high and high in the sky, floating meteoric dragon. The dragon is also known as the grass dragon, with its legs bent and its feet up, and its tail usually consists of two rolls of moire. Main characteristic is to use arc line of twists and turns, weak boneless form, like into is "soft" hundreds of steelmaking flirty, so common jade pendant "in extremely good fortune" of the dragon, tend to be longnu, moral sentiment, long long time.
It is very meaningful to know different dragons and understand the meanings of various dragons. According to the meaning of the different pendant, choose the suitable jade dragon brand to give to friends and relatives, also will gain more respect and satisfaction.

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