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Drinking the drinker and carrying the source of the drinker-the horse in the jade carving

Horse, in the Chinese culture of high status, with a series of symbols and implied meaning. Longma spirit is the Chinese nation struggle, self-improvement and enterprising spirit of the representative.

The book of changes takes "dry as horse" and "pure Yang" as "dry". That is to say, in the world view of ancient people, horse is equal to the dry of pure Yang, which is vigorous, bright, warm, high and representative. It is a symbol of heaven, but also contains a sense of majesty, health, kindness, vision, endless life and so on. The book of zhouyi · qiantria, which reads, "heaven moves vigorously, and a gentleman keeps self-improvement", comes from this.

Horse, seventh in the Chinese zodiac, just with the "noon" gan suitable, lunch is the meaning of 'Wu, means everything shanda, branch, horse of auspicious implies. Even leaving aside these illusory concepts, the horse is the head of the six livestock in ancient times, and it played a role in early society that no other livestock could match.

Today, jade world best to recommend to you, is a few horse theme works. The first work is a "drinking water horse" jade brand. As early as in the shang and zhou bronzes, the theme of drinking water horse appeared, and in the following dynasties, this theme was also endless. Among the modern masters, xu beihong is good at painting horses, and some works of drinking water horses have been handed down in the world. And this, about with the Chinese tradition of "drinking water think source" thought.
Natural jade carving Chinese Kunlun nephrite jade carving
Moyu - drinking horse

Ma has always been a subject that cannot be ignored in many art works, and jade carving is no exception. This work cuts a horse head, the vision is tranquil, meek, the manner is serene and natural, the soft manes sweep both sides, drooping head does the drinking water shape. The whole model is compact and regular, even clean ink, white jade meat mixed between. The quality of jade is fine and moist, without blemish lock crack.

The horse's meaning is rich and colorful, with the monkey partner, yu immediately hou meaning; A horse, there is a lead, the horse to the success of the idea; A herd of horses is like ten thousand galloping horses. With the dragon, is the spirit of longma; But do you know what the horse and fly partnership means?
Natural jade carving Chinese Kunlun nephrite jade carving
Jadeite pendant - win immediately

This pendant jade delicate ying run, small and delicate modeling, lying on the ground, looking back as if looking. Horse tail carved fly a clever, meaning immediately win (fly). Whole implement applied "comb wool" skill, fur is bright and clean nature, continuously if true, besides, the muscle muscle bone of the horse also is clear, when a few can see this horse runs, that astonishing explosive force and extraordinary speed.

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