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Exquisite appreciation: Rare rare dragon stone type jade

Longshi plant is the top kind of jade, not visible cotton, impurities, such as silky smooth and delicate, extremely warm, fluorescence. It is also a very rare kind of jadeite, which is the only one of the jadeite species that grows in the cave. The water is full and full, and the gloss is excellent.

Natural jade pendant necklace jadeite necklace grade A
The dragon stone is a strange product in the emerald, the texture color ice cold jade cold, cold color. Fresh air, dense structure, strong fluorescence, low yield. It is also a term that has become popular in recent years.

Natural jade pendant necklace jadeite necklace grade A
Dragon stone type jade has the following characteristics:
1. Base on the texture of glass.
2. Cold and cold feeling.
3. The texture is pure and transparent with glass and has a bright luster (fluorescence).

Natural jade pendant necklace jadeite necklace grade A

Light color is more common (strong color is not called dragon species), the overall light color is very uniform melting in the texture, the naked eye observation of cotton and no impurities. "Color melts to the bottom, tonal even, do not see the root" is a kind of commonly accepted theory at present.

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