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Hetian jade beauty color

In today's rational consumption, when we buy jade, we should not only consider the quality of jade, but also consider the artistic and cultural value of Tian's jade carvings. Among them, the beautiful and delicate carvings of Hotan jade belt leather jade carvings are the most popular, known as the most artistic appreciation of Hotan jade carvings. In recent years, the market of Hetian Jade's beautiful and beautiful carvings has developed like a fish in water, and the heat has never decreased. Today, Xiaobian talks about the beautiful carvings in jade carvings.
Natural jade carving Chinese Kunlun nephrite jade carving
What is Beauty

Beautiful color, also known as skillful color, skillful carving, refers to the use of natural color and texture of jade, suitable for jade carving. Beauty, as a special form of jade carving technology, is extremely difficult and unique in the jade industry. It can harmonize the shape and color of the work and play a key role.

As we know, the seeds are naturally transported and oxidized to form various skin colors, ranging from black, brown, dark red, yellow to light yellow. The shape and distribution of these skin colors are different. Some cover the whole area, some are mottled and scattered, and some may be only a little bit local. The result is the pleasure of color. On the basis of the natural beauty of skin color, the jade carver, through ingenious conception, with the help of the shape of skin and the smart carving of skin color, melts skin color into a part of his works, thus adding color changes to the single white jade and making it more visually rich. So-called "smart" is just like this, and the smart color has become popular in recent years. It is inseparable from this "smart" look.

Since ancient times, before carving jade, it is necessary to remove the jade skin, stone clips, cracks and poor color before applying the technology. However, the use of the color of jade skin as a delicate color of jade to embellish the jade, increase the ornamental and artistic quality of the jade, as early as in ancient times. The earliest beautiful works are Yingyu soft-shelled turtle unearthed in the north of Xiaotuncun Village, Anyang, Henan Province. They are the jade wares of the Yin and Shang Dynasties 3000 years ago. Gongying Jade Turtle masters the natural color and texture of the jade beautifully. The original black-brown skin is preserved and carved into the back shell of the turtle. The head, abdomen and feet are all green and white. Black claw tips are hidden on the black eyes and white claws. It is charming and interesting. Looking at the jade carvings in China for thousands of years, beautiful works really occupy an important position in the map of Chinese jade carvings.

Nowadays, because of people's love for jade, the raw material of jade is exploited endlessly, and the raw material of jade is more and more scarce. As a kind of carving technology which can retain the original volume of jade to a great extent, the beautiful carving is more and more widely used in the carving of jade, and in most of modern jade carving works. We can see the beautiful and delicate carving, which has become the mainstream of modern jade carving.
Natural jade carving Chinese Kunlun nephrite jade carving
Beautiful Utilization

Beautiful jade carvings are usually based on the main color of the jade, with both colors as the base, with mixed colors, unreliable, vivid images as the best. This kind of art is different from painting, color sculpture, carving lacquer and enamel. This kind of art can only be created according to the natural color and natural form of jade, such as "drawing materials according to materials" and "applying arts according to materials", and creation is limited by material type, color change and other factors. The main color is the basic large-scale color in jade, and the concurrent color is the other color mixed with the main color.

Beautiful colors are extremely difficult in jade carving. One point is absolute, two points are beautiful and three points are flowers. The beautiful colors are melted into the jade, invisible but popular, with the least sculpture, the combination of virtual and real, simple collocation to express a picture full of imaginative space.

Measuring materials and applying skills according to their aptitude are the eight words that every jade Carver listens to when he first starts, which is also the most core and traditional principle of jade carving technology. Jade's size, color, shape, texture and luster are all important artistic elements of jade carving works, and they should be used to their full.

If there are spots or dirty colors in the jade materials, we can re-conceive and design a reasonable theme, ingeniously use the dirty colors of spots, but can make the works more vivid and lifelike. Not only does it not become a defect, but it can make the jadeware more vivid with its own characteristics.

In addition, most of the beautiful colors are based on the main color of jade, and both colors are beautiful. The color is not mixed, unreliable, and the vivid image is better. You can't be crafty in beauty. You must make good use of the original skin color. In jade carving, if only the skin color is carved in the shade or the earth is reduced, the skin color is highlighted to form a jade carving pattern. Strictly speaking, this kind of carving can not be called "smart color". Design can not be tacky, the use of smart reflects the artistic accomplishment and quality of designers. The design should have the spirit. It should be designed according to the color of the jade and strengthened so as to make the use of the color full of the spirit of agility. When we evaluate those jades with incongruous colours, we should fully realize that they are not beautiful, but rather "clumsy" and will depreciate instead of adding value.

Next, let's enjoy the beautiful and beautiful works of Hetian Jade.

Natural jade carving Chinese Kunlun nephrite jade carving

Natural jade carving Chinese Kunlun nephrite jade carving

Natural jade carving Chinese Kunlun nephrite jade carving

Natural jade carving Chinese Kunlun nephrite jade carving

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