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Legend of jade carving theme: snow seeking plum

It is the story of meng haoran, a poet in the tang dynasty, who, despite the fact that he is a poet, is a lifelong student.

Natural jade carving Jadeite collectibles
Meng haoran is a young man who likes to study plum blossoms and often rides a donkey to find plum. At the age of forty, he studied at chang 'an and failed in the examination. Once wang wei invited him to visit the department, and the emperor xuanzong came to visit wang wei. Under the circumstances of meng haoran's hiding under the bed, wang wei told the truth. Tang xuanzong had already heard of meng haoran's talent, and he wrote a poem, hoping that he could show his talent and become an official of the court. But when meng haoran recited the poem, he was able to express himself in verse without asking for his heart. Tang xuanzong loved his talents, and was moved by his character and poetry, so he had to go. Since then, meng haoran has been indifferent to fame and fortune, and is pregnant with the landscape.

Natural jade carving Jadeite collectibles
In the tang dynasty, it is said that there is a plum tree: a tree, a white jade article, and a village road near the river bridge, not knowing the water first, the suspicion is the winter snow. In the middle of winter, the snow is buried, and the earth is separated, as if there are only two colors in black and white. The only plum blossoms stand still, and they are open to the wind and snow. Plum blossom and resists the frost lingxue is closely linked. As a result, the plum blossom as a gentleman's khalid advancing the reference of content of cultivate one's morality, to comprehend the life philosophy and code of conduct, so look for mei, through the snow be nourishing looking for soul and spiritual support, deduce for historic spread. Looking for plum in the snow, it shows the literati's pride and spirit, and is hidden in the forest.
Natural jade carving Jadeite collectibles
Find mei theme through the snow in ink cui and jade carving with snow cotton, ladies, the plum blossom, snow constitute the theme of the whole picture, how big and is the leading role of the search through the snow may become the maid, all may not be the solution, before writing is "who is found through the snow in the plum" is aware of this. Common search may through the snow sculpture design very much the same, same than "step take home water chestnut", using several butterflies fly by water chestnut of animation, artistic conception, how apt feel may mean little, through the snow innovation and breakthrough should refer to such.

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