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Lifelike famous jade carving technology

Is a jade carving craft collection indispensable important element, and cut the jade craft is also China's jade culture in an extremely important part of the process characteristics of a work, to a great extent, determines the value of a piece of work, good carving process can be changed decayed for magical, even a slight defect or appearance slightly times of the original stone, if carve properly, will also become a high-quality goods.

Natural jade carving collectibles jadeite grade A
The old pit flowers green jade pendant, is the jade in the top quality, the jade exquisite and exquisite, delicate and warm, translucent jade like the clean ice. Light green ornament like a picture. According to experts, the emerald is too transparent or opaque, and only the translucent jade, such as a woman holding a half mask, is precious. Wishful thinking is the ancient and traditional blessing of the Chinese nation, and it is also the expectation of people's good life. This exquisite jade carving art, fine art jade pure, worth collecting.
Old pit flowers green light green jade pendant.
"Jade preservation and peace", this is popular in the folk tales of jade. Jade contains a variety of trace elements, often wearing jade can make the trace elements in the body absorbed by the human skin, and help the coordination and balance of physiological functions of various organs. The so-called jade foster person, the person raises jade. At the same time, the connotation of jade itself is beautiful, and the nature of this kind of gentle elegance is also suitable for Chinese aesthetics. This is one of the reasons why the jade collection market is booming.

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