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Ox in jade carving

The cow was one of the earliest domesticated animals in ancient times. In Chinese culture, the ox is both a symbol of diligence and one of the 12 Chinese zodiac signs. In ancient sacrificial rites, the sacrifice of three kinds of animals, namely, ox, sheep and pig, was called taiqiang, which was the highest sacrificial offering. Thus, the status of ox in ancient China was evident.

Ox is also a common theme in jade carving, because of its homonymy and has the implication of reversing the universe, ox gas into the sky. Son cow up the tide, and ribbon on the day, rich and long meaning.

Today, we would like to recommend to you several works of hetian yu-niu:
Natural jade carving Chinese Kunlun nephrite jade carving
Black jade seed material - cow head handle piece

The work adopts the technique of circular carving, the shape is grand, the carver is meticulous, the black cow plate Angle is smooth, the eye expression is gentle, the nose wing is lipped, the lip is closed slightly, may take the smile. The skillful use of combing technique makes the work more vivid. The whole ink color is mellow, the jade quality is exquisite oil run, no flaw is cracked.
Natural jade carving Chinese Kunlun nephrite jade carving
Sugar white jade (qiao diao) brand - spring pond

Works selected sugar white jade as material, clever carving spring pond crossing cattle, light white water, willow brush, yellow mother and son two cattle wading, where the water ripples gently. The title also has the meaning of "dynasty on the belt", praying for the family to be an official from generation to generation. Back plain face, jade quality clear and meticulous.

Next, we see a different kind of cow. That's right, a snail. In the jade carving theme, the snail may be a rising star, but because of the auspicious, is more and more popular for people.
Natural jade carving Chinese Kunlun nephrite jade carving
Green nephrite jade pendants - turn things around

This piece of work modelling is exquisite, the carver is clever if true, the black snail stands in the circle Yin and Yang tai chi diagram, one group leisurely and comfortable. The whole qiao color carvings, clear color, suitable for wearing to play.

Because of its own back shell, the snail has always lived and worked in peace and contentment of the implied meaning, in addition, the snail homonym for "my cow", with the face of setbacks never bow, keep climbing, constantly beyond, finally create their own brilliant implied meaning.
Natural jade carving Chinese Kunlun nephrite jade carving
Sugar white jade pendant - let me have it

The pendant jade delicate oil run, bright sugar, the author with shape, carving a snail, lifelike form, lifelike, people fondle admiringly.

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