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Royal treasures - Hetian Yellow Jade

Yellow Jade is one of the important species of Hetian Jade. In ancient times, because of the homonym between Yellow Jade and "emperor", the output was extremely scarce. The value of Yellow Jade once exceeded that of sheep fat white jade, which became the exclusive object of Royal nobility.

Gao Lian of Ming Dynasty said in Yan Xiao Qing Appreciation Note that "Yue takes Ganhuang as the top, followed by sheep fat". He ranked Ganhuang as the first among the jade, while sheep fat jade was only the second. The Qing Dynasty's Qing Secret Collection also mentioned in Lunyu that "the most important color of jade is red as cockscomb, yellow as chestnut steamed, white as fat cut, ink as paint dotted..." Yellow Jade is also ranked in front of Yangzhiyu, which shows the historical status of Yellow Jade.

The description of Yellow Jade in the new edition of Hetian Jade Local Standard issued by Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region Quality and Technical Supervision Bureau is as follows: light to medium yellow tone, often green-yellow, Milky yellow, with gray and green tones, translucent to slightly transparent, delicate and dense texture, grease-glass luster, visible cracks and miscellaneous. Quality and other defects. According to the amount of sugar, Yellow Jade can be further divided into Yellow Jade and sugar Yellow Jade.

Today, we would like to introduce to you some small Yellow Jade works:
Natural jade carving Chinese Hetian Yellow Jade carving
Yellow Jade Pendant - Ancient Chilong Teeth

This work is small and unique in shape, smooth and delicate in line, and has the style of imitating antiquity. The handle is delicately crafted with dragon's eye, mouth, ear and whisker. The whole instrument is simple and exquisite without redundant decoration, which is concise and clear without loss of refinement. Wearing dragon teeth can ward off evil spirits and dispel evil spirits.

The second work is an equally delicate sugar Yellow Jade corn.
Natural jade carving Chinese Hetian Yellow Jade carving
Yellow Jade Pendant - corn

The texture of the work is lustrous and lustrous, with a slight sugar color on it. The author's sculpture is delicate, the corn grains are full and lustrous, and the grain of the clothes is clear and true. He holds the joy of harvest in his palm. Corn is more common in the subject matter of jade, with the implication of full of gold and jade and flourishing descendants.

In addition to color, the quality of Yellow Jade is also important in evaluating the value of a Yellow Jade. Like sheep fat jade, Yellow Jade also pays attention to texture, with the color of yellow and proud, such as fat for the top grade.
Natural jade carving Chinese Hetian Yellow Jade carving
Yellow Jade handle - Bodhisattva of the King of Tibet

This piece is round and smooth in shape, delicate and meticulous in jade quality. The big earlobe, shoulder lobe and double eyelids of the King of Tibet Bodhisattva are closed slightly. He has a compassionate look. He holds a tin stick and has a good cloud on his head. The sculptor is concise and clear, which shows the solemn charm of the Bodhisattva's treasure.

Finally, let's look at a piece of Yellow Jade Bracelet with quite unique shape.
Natural jade carving Chinese Hetian Yellow Jade carving
Yellow Jade-Lotus Bracelet

The Yellow Jade lotus Buddha beads are of equal size. The shape of the lotus flower is carved in shallow relief. Every three grains are separated by a piece of olive nucleus beads. The color is more coordinated and uniform. The hands are warm and delicate, and the feel is good. Clean lotus bud

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