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Shenyang imperial palace white jade appreciation

Shenyang imperial palace, formerly known as shengjing palace, is called fengtian palace. Located in mingqing old city center, shenhe district, shenyang city. It covers an area of about 60,000 square meters and has more than 90 buildings and more than 300 rooms. It was first established in the last ten years of the reign of emperor jin (five years, 1625), and it was first established in the first year of chongde (the ninth year of emperor chongzhen, 1636 AD). In the first year of the qing dynasty (1644), when the qing dynasty moved to Beijing, it became a "palace of the people". From the decade of kangxi (1671) to the ninth year of the reign of daoguang (1829), the emperors of the qing dynasty were resident in the world, and were expanded.

Natural jade carving ancient Chinese jade carving collectibles
White jade four bat ears wash diameter 16.2 cm, foot diameter 12.5 cm, height 6.8 cm. The mouth is reserved, a little pot, and a flat bottom. The table is carved with a line of carved lotus flowers, peony, chrysanthemum and plum flowers, and the mouth is carved with the shape of a bat ear.
The white jade carvings are 10.9 cm high and 23.5 cm wide, which is made of white jade. The skin of topaz is made into a peach. The full-size carvings of 9 peaches, with five bats on it, symbolized the auspicious meaning of fushou (peach). Under the peach, the transverse branches and leaves. With a dark wood carving base, its quiet color is complemented by a bright peach.
Shenyang imperial palace white jade appreciation.
Red sandalwood handle white jade carving dragon flower 3 sets the whole length 45 centimeters, the head width 9 centimeters, medium width 4.7 centimeters, the tail width is 6.3 centimeters, for the white jade and hardwood carving union. On the red sandalwood handle respectively carved three square tiles, on the top of the copper gilt gold, and then inlaid with hollowed-out the carved dragon and phoenix wear jade pieces. The three inlaid jade pieces are respectively: the head is the dragon wearing the lotus pattern, the central part is the dragon in the lotus pattern, and the tail is the lotus leaf. Three pieces of jade pieces are finely carved, which are typical of the qing palace. It has green braiding and two ears, with two coral beads. It is a good thing for the qing palace.
Qing palace white jade material selection, mostly xinjiang and tian yu. In the initial formation of jade, the body is often mixed with many metallic minerals, which makes the vast majority of jade have different colors, and there are few white, white and white jade. Handed down from the qing dynasty palace most of jade carving products, jade, jade jade carving number is more, such as volume is larger, and many large finished products are entirely carved jade, jade, white jade products are pure seldom have large objects. As for the pure mutton fat jade, because the original size of the body is small, the exterior is often wrapped in colorful jade skin, so most can only be carved into accessories, jewelry, snuff bottles and other small items.
As court, however, white jade raw material relative to some, can at the materials to carve, and wash, bottle, pot, bowl, cup, box of the fees, such as the shape or many, the display of other system according to the shape of furnishing articles, and all kinds of dashanzi fall, she also rich. But generally speaking, white jade wares are mainly small and medium products.
Shenyang imperial palace white jade appreciation.
The mouth is 14 centimeters long and 5.8 centimeters wide, with a length of 11.9 cm, 4.7 cm wide and 16.7 cm high. The jade is white and white, with a yellowish - brown speckled jade skin, which is added to the milky white. Straight neck, ears, shoulders. On the surface, there are two chords in the neck, ears and abdomen, and the inner part is embossed. The circle foot is carved a convex edge, the circle foot is the stage type. The attached wooden seat is also exquisitely carved.
Shenyang imperial palace white jade appreciation.
The white jade carving squirrel is 4.5 centimeters long and 3.2 centimeters wide. It is carved from xinjiang and tian zi jade. The work is small and exquisite. A squirrel creeps up on the vine leaves, and the lower part is a bunch of full grape fruit. The pale yellow jade on the edge of the white jade is used as the grape leaves, vivid and lifelike. Jade pendant upper rope is a coral large bead, round crystal, red and bright, and milky white jade pendant complement.
White jade wares are more difficult to form because of the material. Because of the white jade carved artifacts for led color white, is not easy to generate stereo sense on the vision, so requires more expressive artisans in design and carving, such as on line and structure, as far as possible with convex break flat, in order to reflect the different objects on the surface of the design and decoration.
It is worth mentioning that because white jade is exquisite and pure, the qing palace regards it as the top quality of jade, so it made some imperial seals and seal seals of white jade materials in the early middle period. Such as "the treasure of the qing dynasty", the emperor yongzheng and emperor qianlong's "jingtian people" seal and some of the emperor's postharvest, and the rest, etc., are made of fine white jade.
Shenyang imperial palace white jade appreciation.
It is 13 cm wide, 7.5cm in diameter, 5 cm in diameter and 4 cm high. The cup is in a large bowl, with a pair of ears on both sides, and a cup edge of the mouth. The outer wall of the cup is full of circular grain, arranged in a neat, simple appearance.
Most of white jade qing products gathered at that time, all kinds of carving craft, such as round, valuable.such handiwork, high relief, shallow relief, the line carve, reduction, intaglio, etc., divided by single white jade carved artifacts, and vapor, Mosaic, so as to maximize the performance functions of white jade. Satisfied is the most popular gift in qing dynasty palace, because mei-yu is very precious, court was popular with wooden handle three set flexibly, and this kind of Mosaic ruyi "three pieces of tile" have many is made of white jade carving in the qing dynasty middle-late such implements reached its zenith.

Natural jade carving ancient Chinese jade carving collectibles
Most of the white jade collections in shenyang's imperial palace are made in the qing palace. There are some things that have been used by the emperor, so the quality of white jade and the craftsmanship are excellent, which represents the excellent quality of the jade carving in the late qing dynasty. Most of these white jade artifacts are the qing palace, and the few are collected by the society.
From qing dynasty palace jade products, shenyang imperial palace had hidden the type is very rich, can be divided into display apparatus, practical, accessories and other categories, display device, such as pot, bottle, flower receptacle, dashanzi, omen, ruyi, plaque, wall hanging, jade, jade to hang and so on; Practical tools such as box, incense, brush, pen holder, printing box, paperweight, ink bed, smoke pot, etc. Accessories such as buckle, hook, jade pendant, jade pendant, jade card, bracelet, trigger finger, etc. There are also figures and statues of animals and plants.
Shenyang imperial palace, now white jade collection, about 300 pieces, on behalf of the qing dynasty jade craft, reflected the qing ideology and ideal pursuit, more detailed studies on these exquisite jade, will enable us to society in the qing dynasty and the qing court implements have a deeper understanding and the understanding.

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