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The amazing jade is competing with each other and has not been named as Yunnan

Stone beauty is jade, jade king is green. Meng arch is the earliest found jade place in the world, is located in the northern myanmar kachin state, "on green and white jade, permeable for beautiful, jade color for top grade, its name is differ, both meng arch". Since jade is produced in myanmar, why is there "jade out of yunnan"?

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From the perspective of historical geography, the origin of jade is the territory of China. Myanmar, ancient China called zhu bo, han is a shan, tang is known as the hussars, the yuan is known as Burma, and the su seal is the tributary. The shan state is now the northern mong arch, mengmi area. As early as the eastern han dynasty, nine years, and the emperor "give a purple ribbon". This shows that the jade, from the han dynasty as tribute to the mainland, also explained the relationship between the two. Once in the north border of yunnan comparable to examine ji, in myanmar's new big yingjiang rui heng mountain east found a piece of the Ming dynasty "vying camp tablet", inscribed in "hubei vying camp" three characters, right inscribed "daming west Liu Zhu altar vows in the" general. The oath said: "six consolation to open, three xuan to restore, to all yi ge heart, forever tribute, wash a gold dust. Tibetan dao ghost kiln, not to be captured, south of the clothing. Inscribed on the left, "under the promise of the blessing of mengmeng, mu bon xuan, mengmi comfort, longchuan xuanfu department, and the stone of the tenth day of the tenth month." Of the four toast, only longchuan is still alive. This relic confirms that the territory of the former emerald origin is indeed China's territory.
The amazing jade is competing with each other, and has not been named as yunnan.

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The survey in the northern territories of yunnan province contains: "the meng arch is located in the west of the great jinjiang river, which is the land of miasma. In the thirty-fourth year of the reign of emperor qianlong, fu heng, a bachelor of arts, has been in charge of myanmar. The savage mountain produces precious jade. Mong arch is the total of the jade plant, the jade, the first yuan. Therefore, I am the man who takes the mountain and seeks the treasure, who has lived in the mong for hundreds of years."

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The amazing jade is competing with each other, and has not been named as yunnan.
"Dian sea YuHengZhi" load: "jade out of south Yangtze river, belongs to yesterday for Banks, is apart from the state in two thousand, in the jade, in the yi people, withdraw from the riverbank piles, coarse ore outside, the size of the pebbles, do not know which to have the beauty of jade and jade evil or not. The estimated customers are free to buy it, to Dali and yunnan province, all have jade workshop, the solution to see jade, flat land rich." The co-editor non-success grass, also understood that records: "the middle period of qing dynasty, such as the Yangtze river (refers to the bottom of the Eva jiang meng, meng arch, meng, pretty, nu river downstream shore of wooden bond, staircase, daughter-in-law, size eight hundred ancient carriage, etc, are all belong to yunnan province barriers". Qing qianlong "the tengchong state annals" volume three: "before Ming dynasty in the jin jiang river inside and outside, the three xuan, six comfort all are facing life. And the more and more, the more and more, monglum, monglum, and monglum."

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The amazing jade is competing with each other, and has not been named as yunnan.
According to the historical data, it can be proved that the jade producing area of mong arch "has been published in the reign of zhu Ming dynasty, and extends to the hundred years after the reign of emperor qianlong", which is still the jurisdiction of the prefecture of "yunnan province fencing", which is under the jurisdiction of tengyue state. Therefore, it is not groundless to say that it is logical and reasonable.
Late qing dynasty, the invasion of the British Burma, especially in 1885 to wage war, captured Burma Wang Xibao, announced on myanmar into British India, in English and signed terms of Burma, the qing government was forced to admit the fact that the British occupation of Burma. From the yuan and Ming dynasties to the middle of the qing dynasty, the emerald jade producing area of China was classified as Burma by the Great Britain.
The amazing jade is competing with each other, and has not been named as yunnan.
The prosperity of jade in the qing dynasty emperor qianlong, jiaqing, daoguang dynasties, national prosperity, social stability and people's rich, because the love of jade qing, yunnan has been the jadeite jade raw material distribution center and processed, promoted the prosperity in jade carving industry in yunnan province, jade carving become a traditional processing industry in yunnan province. It is with these historical and cultural references that the term "jade out of yunnan" has been carried on since ancient times.
The amazing jade is competing with each other, and has not been named as yunnan.
Into the new one thousand, jade jewelry industry as a key supporting the characteristic of the cultural industry projects in yunnan province, thanks to the government's strong support, effectively promote industry association and enterprise businesses to expand, resource gathering ability continuously strengthen, broadening the processing trade channel, industry scale, the industry in the province within the scope of rapid and orderly development, yunnan emerald trading more than $16 billion in 2011. The following is the local jade merchants in yunnan to market part of the amazing jade finished products.
The amazing jade is competing with each other, and has not been named as yunnan.

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