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The beautiful color is a Dushan jade grape appreciation

When many collectors are pursuing the delicate and white jade, the emerald green and transparent, some of the Tibetan friends have a special preference for the jade. The dushan jade with gorgeous color, under the jade carving master knife "plastic surgery", will become a pretty "white swan".
Dushan jade grape ornament.
Purple grapes, green vines and leaves, brown monkey, white the birds of the air, this is not painted, entirely engraver to borrow jade natural and color, carved out of a beautiful scene.
This is a dushan jade ornament, which is a treasure that Mr. Zao bought for 3,000 yuan a few years ago. When many people are looking at the pure white jade, emerald green and transparent, Mr. Gao is fond of the dushan jade.
Relatively speaking, the price of dushan jade years ago is not expensive. Is such a high of about 20 cm carvings, then buy 3000 yuan, when Mr. Gao said, by contrast, in the same period or a piece of hetian jade jade furnishing articles of the same size, the price will be 3000 yuan at least a few times.
Expert review
Gao deliang (expert of connoisseur of henan shangbao, senior economist, appraiser of jewelry art works, judicial expert of jewelry jewelry)
For the color dappled dushan jade, the value of good color is very important to the value of a carving piece. This grape dushan jade ornament is used very well, the advantages of several colors are played out. At the time, the purchase price of 3,000 yuan is at least 10 times higher than the value of jade or white jade.
Dushan jade color mottled features, let alone jade fakery few, emerald acid wash dyeing, and tian jade burn leather and so on the situation generally will not appear in dushan jade. But, when buying bulk dushan jade penjing Gao Guozhi remind, pay attention to the large pieces of jade have traces of adhesive, carving a portion of some pretty color, also want to note for any signs of artificial processing, because if not the entire piece of sculpture works, the value will be discounted.
Treasure the classroom
Legend and bi are alone.
Dushan jade, also known as nanyang jade, is a kind of jade in the northern suburbs of nanyang city, henan province.
Dushan jade and hetian jade, xiuyan jade and turquoise and called China "four famous jade". Dushan jade biggest characteristic is the color is rich, basic tonal have white, green, blue-green, purple, brown, yellow, it is any other jade kind cannot compare.
In dushan jade, color, Bai Tianlan this color reserves is scarce, the expected appreciation space is quite sought after by collectors, moreover the peach blossom red, green and white, dark purple are dushan jade in the market.
The legend of the "and the bi" experts speculated that it is likely to be a dushan jade. Choi, history, and "positive and depending on the color of blue, side depending on the color of white", very fits the characteristics of dushan jade has a ribbon, and choi, and charting the discovery and is the chu people, nanyang is the town of chu at that time.
In addition to is yet to be proven and choi, dushan jade has the excellent work handed down from ancient times in history, has been hailed as a "national treasure" heavy 3500 kilograms of the yuan dynasty jade "blaspheme Alexander jade sea", identified by experts as the whole piece of nanyang dushan jade carving.
It's best to do fancy colors.
50% of dushan jade are mixed materials, especially some larger dushan jade raw material or carvings, often there will be four or five colors, a variety of color mutual disseminated gradient transition, even in only 1 cm of small pendant, also can appear white, green, yellow monochromatic coexist. Dushan jade color complex characteristic, make this kind of jade material most suitable to make all kinds of decoration.
There is a black jade in dushan jade, color is black, green, black jade grain is bulky, jade expected also often as crumb or dot, and often accompanied with white jade, therefore has long been regarded as the worst in dushan jade varieties.
But this is considered a "lower class" jade expected, the jade carving master "cosmetic surgery", according to their characteristics can be transformed from "ugly duckling", "white swan" dushan jade liu qiao color black and white carved works of "tactical", "teahouse" as was the case.
Mr. Gao qiao color grape furnishing articles use is very good also, purple grapes, green leaves, and little brown monkey, mottled mottled jade instead, presents a picture of a beautiful picture of nature, did not leave the feeling of chaos to the person.
Jade VS dushan jade.
Dushan jade is exquisite emerald green, can compare with Burmese jade, so sometimes called dushan jade "nanyang jade". Although it is similar to jade in gloss and color, there is an essential difference between the two.
Dushan jade is different from the mineral composition of jadeite. Dushan jade is mainly plagioclase, and the particles in it are the same size, while the inside of jadeite is not uniform. However, the refractive index and hardness of jadeite are slightly higher than that of dushan jade, so the surface gloss emerald is brighter than that of dushan jade, while the dushan jade surface is also more prone to scratches.

Natural jade carving collectibles Dushan jade
From the color, the green of dushan jade is dark, and often accompanied by some red brown, emerald green is more bright. From the sound of percussion, the dushan jade product is relatively dull compared with the jade, the jade percussion sound is similar to metallic sound, and has echoes, is relatively clear.
In addition, dushan jade and traditional Chinese history and culture, not jade can be compared. Dushan jade is the history of the development can be traced back to the neolithic age, nanyang huangshan neolithic sites have dushan jade, yinxu.xinxian gused unearthed in the tomb of fu hao shang dynasty jade, jade products.
With dushan jade resources are limited, and had been wantonly mining resources drying up, intensify supervision, now the local government implemented planned mining, it also let the dushan jade has a greater appreciation of space.

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