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The beauty of jadeite - - longshi jade

Dragon stone the jade species is very rare, it is growing in a cave in the only a jade sort, with warm in winter and cool in summer, the characteristics of the dragon stone kind of jade foot full filled with water, let a person feel the water is going to overflow, excellent gloss. "Longshi seed" is also known as dragon species, dragon species or old stone species. Dragon stone kind of jade is the jade in the top category, is the rare rare treasures, and in one hundred, like the dragon is hard to find difficult to meet, so the name "dragon stone kind of jade." dragon stone is jade in the top categories, no cotton lines, impurities, smooth like silk, it's very warm, fluorescence.

Natural jade ring jadeite ring grade A
The beauty of jadeite - jade of longshi.
Characteristics of the
1. The texture is above the glass, the gloss is excellent, and the cotton and impurities are invisible to the naked eye. The water is full and filling, and it feels like the water is running out.
2. With obvious fluorescence, the fluorescent ice is cold and cold, while the jade is as smooth and delicate as silk, extremely warm and moist.
3. The color is mainly green or light green, with uniform color and no color root.
Holy dragon stone kind of cui A cargo leaves hang now called "dragon stone" is not the dragon stone before, only for textures, describe the jade grain structure very closely, texture is very fine, the head is quite good, excellent gloss, like milk, exquisite, and smooth, the so-called "elegant and polished, smooth renew", also as smooth as silk, very warm, fluorescence, very, very rare, really reached the state of "elegant and polished", is very rare in the jade of good varieties.
Of jade dragon stone color is given priority to with light, more early folk to collect the color depth of dragon stone kind of jade, but few takers light dragon stone kind of jade, but with the increase of market demand and tightening of jadeite raw materials, light dragon stone kind of jadeite prices also expanded several times, even dozens of times.

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