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The jade carvings how to get their meaning, xu is wishful thinking, the end is not extreme

Jade carving has never been separated from the cultural independence, intentionally or unintentionally, from the jade carvings always find the atmosphere of culture. Lu zigang, like the sculptor in the work, is not very much, or extremely difficult to collect famous works. Circulation of jade carving works buried too many sculptors, disconnected player and engraver, so cut off understand engraver carving of channels, to a web page, can only rely on translating, looking for relevant points from their emotional awareness, entertaining. In addition, it is to seek in the culture, to use the historical culture to interpret the meaning of carving works, to support it. It is not a problem to have a chicken or an egg first, but it is important that jade carvings are activated by a cavity, which is consistent with even a single word in the culture.

Natural jade carving jadeite collectibles grade A
In the rain, the green mountains, the river boats, the sky egrets, the red peach on both sides, the mandarin fish is silent, the wind drizzle. All people, flowers, fish, heron, enveloped by XieFengXiYu, disappeared their marginal as one integrated mass, to draw into the word, screen is buckish, strikes, not the hollow hermit, tao.
"The father" zhang zhihe.
The white egret flies in west.
Peach blossom flowing water mandarin fish fat.
Green bamboo hat
Green coir raincoat
A little rain never comes back.
It is just a matter of how the jade carvings can have their meaning.

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