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Tiangong Awards Jade Boutique Appreciation - Decoration

The Chinese Jade Carving and Stone Carving Works Tiangong Awards selection activity was a professional appraisal activity established in 2002 by the China Jewelry and Jade Jewelry Industry Association (Zhongbao Association). The launch of this evaluation activity filled the gap in the selection activities in this field at that time. It provides a platform for the jade carving industry to display works, discover talents, guide collections, and promote consumption.

The Organizing Committee of the Tiangong Awards Selection Activity for Sculptures is responsible for the specific work of the selection activities. In general, the selection activities are organized once a year. The public welfare positioning of the Tiangong Awards is based on the promotion of heavy culture, heavy industry exchanges, heavy talent discovery, and heavy industry guidance. Tiangong Awards continuously accumulate experience in the process of organizing, conform to the laws of art development, and actively guide the works to innovate in terms of materials, themes, crafts, and forms of expression.
Natural jadeite carving trpe A jadeite carvings
In the works of many Tiangong Awards, this piece of Emerald Mountain is quite large. The whole piece of raw material is green, and the part of the emerald green is carved into a green bamboo tree by the author's method of engraving. It also reveals the temple pavilion, which is vivid and vivid.
Natural jadeite carving trpe A jadeite carvings
This work is a combination of multiple pieces of jade carvings. The white is lotus green and the lotus leaf bottom is portrayed as a pond image. The combination of the three shows that the gentleman in the flower is not stained, and the devil is not demon. The mood of the mood.
Natural jadeite carving trpe A jadeite carvings
In ancient times, the crane was "under one bird, above the million birds", second only to the "one bird" of the phoenix. The pattern of the official dress of the Ming and Qing dynasties was "the crane". At the same time, the crane is the longest feather of the sacred wind. It has been called the "one bird" since ancient times. One product is the name of the highest official rank in ancient times. The Emperor's civil and military officials are divided into nine grades, the highest grade. The crane is also the most expensive bird in the bird, representing longevity and wealth. Legend has it that it has a life span of thousands of years. The crane is independent, looks forward, looks beautiful, the color is not beautiful, elegant, generous.
Natural jadeite carving trpe A jadeite carvings
The loofah symbolizes the world's thoughts, this jade ornaments belong to the green color of the carvings, which is a sly white, giving a strong visual impact.

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