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Wide Bangles and Thin Bangles-Jade Bangles with Different Styles

Jade bangles are probably one of the most popular ornaments in jade products. However, how much do you know about jade bangles? Today, Xiaobian will take you to know the origin and development of jade bangles.

The earliest bangles, which originated from the Banpo site about 6,000 years ago, are believed to be related to totem worship and witchcraft etiquette. Nowadays, it is generally believed that bangles evolved from the sacrificial ceremonies such as jades or jades in the late Neolithic period.

Ancient people believed that bangles could avoid evil and make good fortune. Therefore, in ancient times, both men and women would wear bangles. People also used to associate jade bangles with love and give them a beautiful and romantic feeling.

Bangles can be divided into plain bangles, carved bangles, hollow bangles, etc. according to their workmanship. They can also be divided into round bangles and flat bangles according to their shape. They can also be divided into wide bangles and thin bangles according to their width. In addition, there are round safety bangles, oval imperial concubines'bangles and so on.

With all this said, some people have to ask, what kind of bangle is more precious and beautiful? Let's first look at the thin bangles.
Natural jade bangle nephrite bangle
Green nephrite thin Bangle

This bangle is a thin and delicate bangle. The bangle body is thin and delicate. The bright green part is like spinach. The light part is elegant like legume green. The whole vessel is delicate and delicate with no flaws and cracks. The bangle has an inner diameter of 5.6 cm and a strip width of only 1.1 cm.

The advantage of thin bangles is that they are slender and exquisite in shape, and can make wrists more delicate and elegant. I think small bangles are more suitable for young girls or women with slender wrists.
Natural jade bangle nephrite bangle
Green nephrite-emerald thin Bangle

The bandwidth of this bangle is slimmer than that of the previous one, only 0.9 cm and 6 in diameter, which belongs to the larger and slimmer bangle. The bangle is delicate and elegant in shape, warm and delicate in hand, and its color is quite good.

After looking at the thin bangles, let's look at the wide bangles again. Compared with thin bangles, wide bangles are wider and thicker. They also show more dignity and generosity. Personally, wide bangles are more suitable for women who are stable, delicate and warm.
Natural jade bangle nephrite bangle
Green nephrite-wide-sided Bangle

Bi, the green beauty of stone. Hetian jadeite bangle, if not jadeite transparent and bright, but more delicate and moist than jadeite. A deep blue pool, like cold pool still water, condenses the years for a long time. The inner diameter of this wide-edged bangle is 6 cm and its width is 1.8 cm.

Seriously speaking, thin bangles have always been the leading fashion in the past, that is, in the past few years, wide bangles began to be popular, but since the second half of this year, the fashion seems to have changed.

For bangles, Xiaobian has always had a preference, he also received several, daily wear, is a small hobby. Personally, I think that whether it is wide strip, thin strip, smooth surface or carved flower, the choice of jade bangle, exquisite, is still a margin of the eye. What you take away may not be the best, but it must be the most suitable one for you and what you like.
Natural jade bangle nephrite bangle
Green nephrite Carved Bangle-Pisces Playing Lotus

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