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Yiyi panda light out of rui

According to the engraving theme, the jade carving animal theme is slightly less, and the animal theme is more common in animals such as dragon, tiger and horse, and forms the traditional form, except for the panda theme. People really understand began nearly a century, for the giant panda is almost blank before the number and the giant panda is scarce, the survival rate is low, living in remote western, weak awareness has a certain relationship, as a result, the giant panda in the ancient jade carving in the traditional theme is less, it's not surprising. As the modern giant panda became the national treasure, it became famous, and gradually became the theme of modern sculpture.

Natural jade carving jadeite carving collectibles
The giant panda is a big fat, cuddly, with a short head and a unique black and white color on the head and body. The main food is found in the alpine region.

Natural jade carving jadeite carving collectibles
Present jadeite panda mostly around the panda hug when eating bamboo carving expression features: eyes large and deep, meticulous hair lines, with the panda plump figure, a wonderful feeling to the person, will be particularly lovely giant panda cub tries character, fuzzy chubby four claws gripped tender is about to drip, every piece glittering and translucent get rid of fluorescent green bamboo leaves, bamboo tip part is panda in his mouth, seemed to be chewed carefully, warm life originally is such.

Natural jade carving jadeite carving collectibles
The jade giant panda mostly USES blue water material, oil green, ink jade carvings, cooperate with polishing and frosting technology, more show the jade texture and the panda lifelike expression, has the modern jade carving breath. However. From the sculpture style, the engraving style is single, there is a mutual plagiarism, a few defects. However, it is difficult to hide the giant panda, which is very popular with the public.

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