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Ancient jade nouns and types

The division of ancient jade is very strict, both in worship, wear, military, political and other aspects have different specifications and standards, it also caused the name of the ancient jade and variety, here I have collected some ancient jade nouns and explanation, let everybody have a simple knowledge of ancient jade!

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What kind of ancient jade is the name of guyu?
Jade wall
Jade: ancient jade. The jade sacrificial vessels used in ancient emperors, princes, priests, priests, and funerals. For credit suisse. Long stripes, below the tip, also "GUI". Shape and size, depending on the title and use. "Zhou li · spring official" is a big guay, zhengui, huan GUI, xingui, bow GUI, gu bi, pu bi, four GUI, naked GUI. The tomb of zhou dynasty is often found.
Jade wat: a jade hand board held in the upper dynasty. That is, "I". "The book of rites and jade" : "wat: the son of heaven with the ball jade, the various hou by the elephant, the doctor with the fish beard wenzhu." Note: "ball, beautiful jade also."
Zhengui: a letter used in ancient times, one of the six. Also known as "town GUI". "Zhou li chun guan · big bo" : "the king holds town GUI." Note: "town, Ann also, so Ann square. Town guerra, the cover of the mountain of the town of four as Zhuan act the role ofing, keisuke feet two inches long."
Life of the king: the king bestowed upon the minister's jade. "Zuo zhuan," the eleventh year of "the Lord", "the prince of the throne, the son of heaven." "Zhou li · kao gongji · jade man" : "life of the nine inch, the so-called huan GUI, the public guard; The five inches of life, the meaning of the faith, the hou guard; Life is seven inches, that is to say, the bow of kui.
Gu GUI: ancient jade article name. Ancient vassal, used to make or employ a female jade ritual apparatus. Also called "gu bi". "Zhou li · chun guan" : "gu GUI in and difficult, in order to recruit female." Note: "the valley, the good also, its act as a decoration." "The examiner" : "gu GUI 7 inches."
Guibi: "GUI" is also "GUI". Jade that was held by emperors, princes, or priests in the past. "Zhou li · chun guan" : "the duke huan GUI... The hajj will meet with the king." Zheng xuan said, "we can see the king in guibi." "The book of the late han dynasty" : "the love of the people, the world of worship."
The ancient jade. To measure the shadow, the four, the earth. "The great master of zhouli" : "with the method of gegui, the earth is deep, and the day view (shadow) is in order." Also "spring official" : "the earth and the four days, the country is the land."
Bi: ancient jade ware name. Also useful glass system. Oblong, with holes in the center. The bir is divided into two parts: the bibi, the valley and the pu. The big round diameter is one foot and two inches, and the heaven's gift. It is also used by the prince of heaven. The sky must be pale and round, like the sky, like the color of the sky. The perfect grain, the grain of grain, the righteousness of a foster man. The male of the bibi is held, and the ornament is a cattail, and pu is a mat, and takes the righteousness of the anren. All three are collectively referred to as "gongbi". There is also a kind of bir, which is smaller, which is to be worn by the gentry. The jade is in the neolithic age, the polygon has no ornamentation, the shape is relatively simple. In the shang and zhou dynasties, it was very thin and uneven, and the shape was irregular, and most of the inside and outside were not round. During the spring and autumn period and warring states period, the bibi was quite neat and decorated with silkworm, grain, pu, and animal prints. Han inherited the former style, the carver is more delicate. After han dynasty to song and yuan, jade carving was rare. In Ming and qing dynasties, it flourished again, with a large number of archaize products, fine embossed and spiral patterns on the surface. Jade is a sacrificial utensil used by the ancient aristocrats. It also has the function of tokens and ornaments in different times and circumstances. In the han dynasty, there were small holes, which were used for wearing or hanging on the wall for decoration. Many of them were found in the han tomb, often placed in the chest or back of the deceased, some placed between the coffin, and even decorated on the surface of the coffin. The use of jade is very complicated. It can be divided into the following categories. As a sacrificial vessel, it is used as a sacrificial ceremony, offering sacrifices to the gods, offering sacrifices to the mountains, offering sacrifices to the sea, and offering sacrifices to the river. The second is a gift, which is used as a gift or as a sign of identity; 3. The balance of four weights; To ward off evil spirits and to prevent the rot.
Jade in the spring and autumn period.
Jade self-closed: the so-called jade self-closed, is in the side of the whole piece of jade to open a very fine cracks, and then use the special tool grinding to the interior of the jade, and under the condition of invisible in the interior of the jade carved on a thin layer of images or words, then with the jade powder filling back to gap, finally sealed with special material, on the surface, it is a piece of jade, and lateral aperture, probably was neglected time of mud. The stunt began in the spring and autumn and was passed down to the end of the tang dynasty.
[noway] [and] according to the "maoshan art" records, the first Chinese jade self-closed appeared in the warring states period, the original is as a form of arts and crafts, to the han war gradually evolved into a way of passing secret information (not all jade self-closed are made from rare jewels, most of information belongs to common complex jade jade, ancient people used to hang a jade, like modern people with the watch is normal, under the custom of concealment, most of the military intelligence borrow jade self-closed and spread in security, some jade self-closed and even can make on a copper wire big miscellaneous jade, minute, bigger place can even draw a map), since each production jade self-closed belong to confidential military intelligence, so a "self-closed artisan" was use secret after a period of time will be put to death, then some people who grasp "the self-closed skill" forced to anonymity, until datangshengshi, this stunt to flare up again, the tang dynasty palace was impressed by this die has been a long time of stunt, will this skill for the imperial palace, the palace of preferential treatment, these artisan people began the only secrets in their own offspring, and preach a man not female, to avoid strangers plunder their jobs, and this will eventually lead to the door JueXue lost. [/ noway]
Tang dynasty dragon grain jade wall.
Yuan: the name of the ancient jade. A big hole in the wall. "Le ya interpreter" : "good times meat is called yuan." Guo pu note: "yuan, big hole and small side."
Yuxiu: ancient jade. A jade carving carved into a tiger, known as "xiu". The light: "the classification of the shang dynasty jade, name and purpose" (" archaeological "5 (1983) article thinks:" I thought the surface carved jade tiger stripes should according to the shape of naming, plus "tiger stripes" two words before. As for the tiger jade, there is a hole in the name of the tiger, no hole for the toy or display, can be called jade tiger.
Jade tiger: carved into a tiger - shaped jade, known as "xiu". "The first emperor of the qin dynasty" : "he said, 'how can you fly away? Make the two jade tiger one eye with chun lacquer, the day is lost, do not know where. See "yuxiu".
Heng: the name of ancient jade. Jade ornament, the jade on top of miscellaneous. It appears to be small, or with a folded Angle, on top of the circle.
Ring: ancient jade name. A type of jade with a hole in the middle. "The meat is good if it is a ring." Guo pu notes: "meat, edge; Okay, hole." Xing shu: "the edge, kong shi and so on a name ring." The ring of jade. Used as a decoration in ancient times. "Song history · youjun 3" : "the system of dagon... Small grant 3, knot jade ring 3." Also: "imperial concubine's clothing, small grant 3, between the jade ring 3." "The Book of Jin · weekly visit" : "visit to great anger. With the help of the hands, and the jade ring of jade.
Yupei: "pei" is also "piggy". The ornament of jade. "Poem · qin feng · wei Yang" : "I send uncle's, leisurely I think; How to give it, rose. Xiao deyan "yong dance" : "low body qiang yupei, lift the sleeve of the clothing."

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