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Ancient jade production process procedures

Ancient jade techniques originated from the making of stone tools. Cutting, exchanging, cutting and grinding are the process procedures used by jade stone tools. Cut, that is the solution, the jade to use the toothless saw with the jade sand, will be expected to separate; Exchange is to use the circular saw to dip the mortar to repair; Cut, is to use drill, cone and other tools to carve patterns, drilling; Grinding, is the last working procedure, with the fine woodblock calabash skin, the cowhide dipped in the pearl mortar, and polishing, the jade will give the lipid luster. This set of jade technology has been mastered by craftsmen in the shang dynasty. Today's jade carving techniques, generally use cutting, exchanging, cutting, grinding four methods. The first qin called zhuyu, the song people called the grinding of jade, now known as grinding.

Ancient jade making process
Phase jade
One of the process of cutting jade. From a piece of jade, to make a jade, first is to carry on the "phase jade" design." Phase "is both" to see ", to think after thinking, to judge the intrinsic quality of jade, and the appearance of the advantages and disadvantages, and then to determine the work of the subject matter.
Can live
One of the process of cutting jade. It is based on the image that is conceived, using the ink line on the jade material and drawing it out." It is a key part in the process of jade carving.
Thinking about
One of the processes of jade carving. It refers to the specific production of jade. Make the jargons for "thinking". Because the jade is extremely hard, it must be made of iron disc, thallium, with water and carborundum as the medium, through the brake chisel, punching, pressure, check, and so on, a bit of thought. It is very different from the engraving of "knife work". Jade thought, is a kind of very meticulous craftsmanship, the jade piece that expert thinks, can achieve "small medium see big", "with light show heavy" artistic effect.
One of the process of cutting jade. Also called "light" and "polishing". It is made of purple gum, wood, gourd, cowhide and copper, and the rough part of the jade piece is polished and smoothed. And through the application of some chemical powder materials such as chromium, the jade pieces reveal the essence of the jade bright, warm and crystal.
Double grinding method
Zhuoyu famous technique in han dynasty. In the document that records jade, it is said that it has fine lines like hair, like hair, like flowing, without a trace. And the unearthed han dynasty exquisite jade, the ancient literature on these claims are reliable.
"Two bright" jade carving.
The "two Ming dynasty" technique, which appeared in the middle of qing dynasty, has more applications in the imperial palace, suzhou gardens and other buildings. Two jade carving, build in a flat or slightly convex piece of jade pieces, valuable.such handiwork on both sides of the two layers of different patterns, two layer completely through the middle, are connected by all round edge as a whole. The ornamentation is hollowed-out, the right and the wrong, each other, clever and strange. The difficulty is large, the work is fine.
Golden jade wrong
Using the traditional gold technology, the jade is made into fine lines and then embedded with gold or silver wire. The jade ware needs to be grinded. It is commonly known as "gold-plated". In ancient China to "carved jade", "ornamental gold" for the finest arts and crafts, according to Mr Li of the eastern han dynasty and three kingdoms such as chun, "yellow man used wrong" and "gold filled afterward.not" is also wrong gold nickname, so gold is wrong and what might be called "used in gold". Gold fault jade is the combination of "jade carving" and "carving gold", it is another development of the golden wrong technology. The jade ware is produced in the jade industry in Beijing and suzhou.
Nephrite method
To soften the jade. Jade hard, hard not hard, not easy to carve, can be used water chestnuts several and wood into the water for a day and night, and then alum three, toads three mm, dried, and then tu, medicine.
Soft crystal method
The method of softening the crystal. The crystal is hard, not easy to carve, can be cooked with auspicious grass. However, only copper and iron can be used for cooking. With this method soft jade can also.

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