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Buy jade essential knowledge: identification of jade

Good jade mostly very expensive price, sort out the technical requirements is very high, the vast majority of investors or consumers are difficult to identify the advantages and disadvantages, true and false, it easy to buy inferior products or fake a slightly slow, significant economic losses.
Professional personnel to identify jade genuine and false can adopt rock ore appraisal method, through scientific instrument is easier to distinguish jade's authenticity, ordinary consumer is very difficult to distinguish between true and false jade. Years of experience have taught us that some fake jade is very similar to jade. If you look carefully through a magnifying glass, if there is a bubble inside it, it is mostly a fake or plastic fake. Some of the fake jade on the surface of the small fly, no matter how the manual friction can not be warm, or even brittle, this may be a stone powder or plastic forgery. Pretending to be fake jade color or white stone, flash point is quite similar to the jade, but are not warm, and often clear excessive color, opacity, its hardness is much lower than jade, because of their hardness is low, so the real jade, no matter what friction will not change, what and the grinding the moist. And the ordinary stone friction, will change immediately, the stripe appears.
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In addition to the above methods, the identification of pseudojade is mainly from jade. In the age of undeveloped science, ancient people could not identify the mineral composition of gemstones and jade. Therefore, they had to be distinguished by color. Today, although we have knowledge of mineralogy, but on the quality of the jade identification, the colour of jade is still one of the important basis, because the color is a sign of the most intuitive and easy to identify, with the naked eye can see. The reasons for the various colors of jade are related to mineral composition. That is to say, the color of the jade is related to the absorption and absorption of visible light (white light) by its internal minerals. The color in minerals is also related to the pigment ions in minerals and the defects of crystals.
There are many stores selling jade wares in the market. There are two kinds of jade articles, such as soft jade and hard jade, and the soft jade is the silicate containing calcium, magnesium and iron from the chemical composition. Jadeite is a silicate containing sodium and aluminum. There are other serpentine jade, nanyang jade, agate, crystal and so on. For nephrite and jadeite, experts have summarized some experience of distinguishing true and false and judging the pros and cons. Here are the following:
Water identification method: to drop a drop of water on jade, such as a dewdrop of a long time to be true jade; On the contrary, the water droplets quickly disappear are fake goods. Because jade texture is dense, not easy to absorb water, stone structure is loose, easy to absorb water.
Hand touch method: if true jade touch a touch with the hand or use cheek to try, have the feeling of cool and cool.
Inspection method: to turn the jade into the light, such as sunshine, light, if the color is clear, the green uniform distribution is true jade.
The tongue lapping method: the tongue lapping true jade has astringent feeling; And the false jade has no astringent feeling.
Magnifying glass to watch: the jade that buy first is placed under the magnifying glass to watch, mainly is whether there is a crack, no crack is good quality jade, the crack is the second. Even true jade, the value of the crack is greatly reduced, the more cracks the more obvious, the lower the value.

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