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Common sense of jade pendant

Forty thousand years ago, after the caveman hunting in China, he hung his teeth on his chest, displaying his bravery and bravery, praying for the blessing of the gods. It is this kind of totem worship behavior, after the long years of cultivation, hanging on the front of the teeth of the beast is a beautiful decoration. From primitive to civilization, from coarse to fine, from bone material to gold and silver, to jewelry jade, it reflects the dual value of jade pendant and aesthetic value.

Natural jade pendant nephrite jade pendant necklace
Jade pendant is hanging in the dress, also can be worn as a monomer jade ornament. Jade pendant volume is small, carved exquisite, small and lovely. Yuan zhen, a poet in the tang dynasty, once had a poetic cloud: "the gold is buried without soil, and the jade falls without a sound." The modelling of jade and greater use of smaller sub jade round, its form concise focused, concise and lively, simple style, bold, cut workers is very popular in the tang and song dynasty yuan period wear jade ornaments, at the same time created a new style of decoration. From the song dynasty to the Ming dynasty, jade pendants were subject to objects, animals, fruits and other objects. In the qing dynasty, jade pendants were mainly composed of jade pendants, and the themes of sculpture were very extensive.
Jade pendant basic common sense.
The jade pendant has developed to this day, no matter material, pattern, work, the idea has been beautiful, changeful. Today's handsome men and women wear a decent jade pendant, like the icing on the cake, beauty in beauty. Generally speaking, as long as the material is good, the workmanship is exquisite, the choice is appropriate, the jade pendant has the subtle effect that the finishing point. All can show the hero and enthusiasm of men, the temperament and pursuit of women. Although the jade pendant is small, it contains a beautiful world.
Jade and choose the material is quite widespread, agate, crystal, coral, hetian jade, jade and so on jade jewelry in the popular nowadays, among them with jadeite jade is the most popular among Chinese people, especially the jade and other jewelry, jade jade pendant is made of combination by the market hot rods. The jade pendant is a pendant with a pendant, a pendant, a pendant, and a pendant.
Wearing a pendant often varies from person to person, and there are two ways to express it. The so-called Ming dai is open bosom, let a person notice the breast of oneself, show oneself confident, contented and delicate. Dark wear is worn under the collar of the pendant is not easy to be seen, the expression is implied beauty and modesty beauty, mature and stable, often their own beauty hidden in the heart.
The shape of the pendant is more casual, can be the body also can be inlay, can be thick and thin, but big can be small, no matter what shape must be clear, have the saying is exquisite. Usually the shape is dripping shape, apricot, oval, square, round, etc. The specific theme is character fall, guanyin pendant, animal pendant, plant melon and fruit drop.
The pendants
Since ancient times, women's wearing of earrings is a cultural custom and an important form of female decorative beauty. In China, so in the world. Earrings are not only flattering to women, but they are also good for your health. People often say "alert lady" is associated with eardrop, human ear has the capillaries and optic nerve are interlinked, bright ear lobes often activities can make eyes, at the same time to keep the good hearing of the eardrum.
The pendant is composed of a hook, a chain, and a falling head. Falling head can be a body, also can be inlaid, the quality of the falling head material determines the style and value of eardrop. The hook and the chain are the matching, the role of the main body. Hook size, thickness, length, want to accord with chain hoist, thickness, length of the chain hoist, decorative pattern to agree with the style of the drop head, not a presumptuous guest usurps the host's role, more can't silly, one integrated mass, inseparable. The shape of the falling head is various, can be the dripping form of the vegetable surface, also can be the leaf shape of the carved flower. The work must be neat and delicate to make the earrings perfect. This type of eardrop is suitable for women with high body size and is suitable for women who are mature and sophisticated.
A good jade pendant, it is necessary to wear a matching pendant to be perfect.
Now the market common hang rope is divided into several, manual textile craft hang rope, appearance is more beautiful, the color of the lanyard is rich also, common are colorful, red, green, blue, brown, yellow, black, seven color, line also has a coarse, fine, single stocks, shares, etc.
The Chinese people have always loved red, and red is a symbol of happiness and auspiciousness, especially in the traditional Chinese Spring Festival. The year of the life red rope, red to ward off evil spirits. Some people like black rope, black gives a person with deep feeling, it is never out of fashion color. Coffee is the color that men prefer to choose, it has no red, black and cold, it feels more moderate. Ordinary children use colorful line, especially birthday to send jade, with colorful string is very much.
It can also be worn according to its own five elements, such as yellow, red and blue, symbolizing soil, fire and water. "Rites" yue: "son of heaven peja jade ribbon and xuan group, even XuanYu mountain group of ribbon, zhu QingDaFu beryl and ribbon Zi group, Peggy yu jade ribbon and qin group, advocating Confucianism and peja 瓀 meimei and ribbon Yun group." The son of a white jade is pei, with a black ribbon; Gonghou with the mountain xuanyu as pei, with red silk string to wear; The doctor, with a turquoise jade, will wear a pure silk cord; The shizi use yu yu pei, need to use the mixed color silk rope group system; The stone was made of fine stone, and the thread of red silk was applied.
Jade in jade jewelry, the largest proportion of common market in Hong Kong is a platinum diamond inlaid jade peja, platinum and diamond inlaid part, experts call it the "details", wear with platinum necklace, this way of wearing adornment flavour is strong. Domestic collectors prefer to make up the knots and wear, this kind of art style is concise and long, more a kind of primitive beauty.
As early as the warring states period, there have been many more peyu knots, and they have been endowed with a certain concept or symbolic meaning, so that they have the role of the tofel and the meaning. For example, "knot", "knot", "ten thousand words knot", "auspicious knot" "longevity festival" and so on.

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