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Daily maintenance of jade

As the saying goes: "gold is easy to find." Jade acura appears good opportunities are fewer and fewer, high-grade jade has good market value-added potential, often can meet but cannot be asked, and its enrichment capability of wealth is the largest, can achieve the largest carat price, very worth the investment. But how do you protect the "king of jade"?

Natural jade carving jadeite collectibles
1. To avoid collision with hard objects: jade of hardness is high, but it is easy to crack after the collision, sometimes although the naked eye can not see, actually the molecular structure of the jade in the surface layer has been destroyed, there are dark crack, which will greatly damage the perfect degree and economic value.
2. The jade should avoid the sun exposure: because of the strong sunlight, it will increase the size of the jade molecules, which will affect the texture and color of jade.
3. Avoid chemicals: with the progress of social life development, in daily life, more and more use of chemicals, these chemicals can bring certain damage to jade, such as all kinds of detergent, soap, pesticides, cosmetics, perfume, hair agent if accidentally touched on, such as wash immediately after erased, don't let it have damage on the jade.
4. Avoid dust and oil as much as possible: if there is dust or oil pollution, use a soft brush (toothbrush) to clean; If dirt or oil stains are attached to the surface of the jade, wash it with light soapy water and rinse with water.
5. Newly purchased jade pieces should also be soaked in clear water for a few hours, clean with a soft brush (toothbrush), and then dry with a clean cotton cloth.
6. It is best to wipe with a clean, soft white cloth. It is not suitable to use dyed cloth and fibrous hard cloth.
7. Regular cleaning: the jade pieces are usually cleaned after a period of time. After cleaning, the cloth should be cleaned and polished to a glossy finish.
8. If you want to pay attention to the rope, you should always check the string and replace it every 1-2 years to prevent the loss or damage of the precious treasure.
9. Always wear: do not keep the jade jewelry in the box for a long time, the jade jewelry will also become dry, it is best to wear it regularly.
The chemical properties of jadeite are stable, so maintenance is relatively simple and easy. "Jade raise people, people raise jade" jade is more beautiful, often wearing jade is the best maintenance of jade. Daily maintenance, only need to wash with clean water, remove grime, and then wipe dry with a clean and soft cloth!

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