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How is the jade ware made? What is the process?

Recently, some jade enthusiasts have asked how the jade is made, and how the jade is polished? Actually, jade shape generally has the following five steps, but sometimes also can according to the different production methods of seed material, there are some changes in special carving technology, of course, especially the hand-carved this thing is not the secret, only jade artisan from already know, ha ha, these released but no one is willing to! Of course, this manual carving of the master craftsmanship has a lot of room for appreciation, if you have such a must keep good, when the family of the thing is not excessive!
Jade is a complex process, the real good works are filleting, picks the designer and producer of much effort to face to the world, so its precious rare in addition to the material, more important is the wisdom of condensed the jade craftsman and labor.
Jade production in general can be divided into several steps: buy material - jade designer phase - cutting - design 1 (at the beginning of the sample) - carved sculpture technicians to design 2 (detail design) - again to engraving (such steps depending on the complexity of work may be repeated N times) - the semi-finished products (furnishing articles at this time, usually at the same time to make the base and packaging) - fine polishing engraving action at this time (if any) - product - blanks. This is due to the complexity of the process and the production needs may be increased or decreased, but it is basically complete.

Jade customized
The first step is to open the jade, which is about to cut the loose stone surface of the package. The main tool for cutting is a saw. When sawing, it is necessary to add water and granular granular sand (i.e., the solution of sand) to reduce the heat generated by friction and increase the friction coefficient.
The second step is to cut the rough outline of the object on the lathe. Lathe processing jade expected is called "spin", placed above the "Mr. Stone Guo" (circular steelskin plate), "blunt stone Guo" (circular rims) and "millstone Guo" (circular thick steel plate), jade expected first cut into square or party, and then rushed to the edges, and then grinding fine surface of objects.
The third step is to carve out the shape of the jade, hollowing out their inner chamber, forming an empty hollow, using a steel drum and an iron shaft with a hook at one end. For small objects, such as snuff bottles, moving fingers, cigarette bags, etc., you need to be particularly skilled in hollowing out.
The fourth step is to carve patterns on the outside of the jade ware, using tools similar to the shape of nails, mainly to cut the Yin lines. The carved pattern requires drilling. The tool used is a curved bow and diamond. The diamond has a hardness of 10 degrees and can be used to move all the minerals. When carving the design, use steel wire to insert into the hole in the hole, and cut it according to the lines drawn on the jade piece.
The fifth step is to carefully polish the carved jade. First of all, the wooden disc is used to outsource the leather (called "leather"), with the "treasure" of the sandy soil, to make the final polishing.

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