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How to determine the authenticity of jade?

For the purchase of jade, the following are the following: firstly, determine the true and false of the emerald, then determine whether the jade is processed, and finally determine the quality of the jade. Of course, when buying jadeite, it must be bought by reputable merchants, and ask for certification when purchasing. Basically, this is the step, and here are some ways to determine the true and the bad.

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1. Jadeite authenticity:
There are many kinds of jade similar to jadeite, the common varieties on the market are Australian jade, Malay jade, green dongling jade, the unbeweng, dushan jade, xiuyu, water calcium aluminium garnet, glass and so on.
1, Macao jade
Australia jade refers to produce a green chalcedony in Australia, with implicit crystalline quartz, translucent, green, and often make it ring surface, as high-grade jade, according to its density, refractive index with the help of instrument is easy to vary with the jade.
2. Malay jade
Malay jade is a kind of quartzite that is dyed green, translucent, green, because it is dyed, so it can be seen that green dye is distributed in quartzite.
3. Green dongling jade.
Green dongling jade is a quartz rock containing chromium mica, and there is a green lamellar mica between the quartz grains, so the light can be seen flaky.
The tumbler.
It is a kind of hard sodium jade from Burma. It is bright green, opaque and has a lower density index than jade.
5. Dushan jade
Dushan jade is an inclined feldspar which is produced in the dushan, henan province of China. The color is mainly white and green. The green is usually blue-green, and the distribution is very uneven. The green is red under the charlice mirror.
6, jade
Xiuyu is a kind of serpentine jade from xiuyan, liaoning. The green is mainly yellow-green, the surface is greasy and glossy, with low hardness, and can be carved with the ordinary knife, while the jade can not be carved.
7. Water calcium and aluminium garnet.
Water grossular is a kind of garnet, granular structure, uneven color, very dark green or black spots, Charles filter under red, made in China's qinghai qinghai cui said, made in Kenyan said tessa WoYu, said South Africa jade produced in South Africa.
8, glass
Glass is commonly used to simulate all kinds of a synthetic gemstone, opaque to translucent, sometimes visible air bubbles, conchoidal fracture, density is lower than jade, feel is light, color is uniform, with a sense of false.
Whether the jade has been processed.
Treatment common jadeite is injecting (B) goods and dyeing processing (C). The note glue processing of jadeite as fillings for the resin, so the luster is resin luster, waxy luster, oily luster, because after a serious of the acidic solution soaked, and surface structure, network structure is orange peel, the overall look of a shallow yellow in colour. The most accurate identification method is to use an infrared detector. The color of the emerald color is colorless root, often floating on the surface, through the light, common green is a filamentous distribution, often by means of spectrometer detection.
B goods jade with resin filling, time grows, resin aging, jade surface luster will become worse, transparency is likely to change, color also will be A slight change, C jadeite changes over time. The color may fade, so buy A jade cargo is preferred. According to the national standards, the unprocessed jadeite should be marked with jadeite, and the jadeite should be marked with jadeite (treatment). The other standard methods are not correct.
Above the true and false and jade, even professionals sometimes it is difficult to the difference to the naked eye, in the end by the instrument, so in big stores when buy, can ask it for higher prices, issue a certificate of testing station in a small store, especially the many tourist attractions of the shopping place, shoddy, the phenomenon of true particularly common, hundreds of yuan of thousands of yuan on goods jade bracelet Chang Biao B. The prices of processed and unprocessed jadeite vary widely, and the treated jade looks more beautiful than unprocessed, so be careful when buying it.
The quality of jadeite is good or bad.
Good jade is the standard as follows: color - the greener the better, the more uniform the better; Water head -- the better the better; Structure -- the finer the better; Stone flowers, spots, cracks -- less is better; Craft -- the finer the better; Beauty - the better the image.


  • I would start with the Chinatown of Queens,
    Flushing. All the surrounding streets to main street has authentic stones.

    Elizabeth Robert
  • Where can I buy a roler jade made from jadeite?
    I am looking for it a long time and it will make me happy to purchase it
    and the gua sha massage.

    Yehudit Tzur

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