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How to know jade?

An expert has a saying that "god is difficult to break an inch jade", which means that it is very difficult for the immortal to guess the green material under an inch.
In the jade raw material market, almost all of the buying is expert, but no one said that they have a 10 percent grasp, the purchase of jade raw materials is gambling. 2004 a connoisseur bought a piece of raw materials in Burma spent 2.5 million yuan RMB, the expected opened many doors, each doors is a good green, and around the week of raw material, basically know knows that is likely to have such a layer of green is the raw material, this rate can be a good bracelets and flower piece, but only to find that after cut, green only in the surface layer, not into the raw materials, while the doors in the bright green, but few in number, and finally only sold 80000 yuan; Another domestic experts spent 30000 yuan to buy the others don't be a piece of raw material, it is a completely cut the raw material, the body has been processed, and the color are very few, only a "hat", this kind of good, but don't see a bit of color appearance, then the seller feel can sell 30000 yuan has been very good, have never thought after incision, the inside have a brilliant green, processed into finished products after sold nearly 4 million yuan.

Natural jade rough jadeite raw stone lavender purple
Does this mean that buying is the bet, and the result is good or bad? This is not the case.
An experienced connoisseur would judge the situation from some sign of the emerald surface, and "the skin of the skin" judging from its appearance is the principle of judging jade. Look at what, look at its skin, pine flowers, python, tinea, fog.
Take a piece of jade raw material, first look at its outer skin, see the degree of the skin, see the color of the skin. The skin is delicate and compact, which indicates the fine texture of jadeite. The loose surface of the epidermis indicates that the emerald crystallization is thicker; Skin has a lot of tiny crack, which indicates that emerald internal parting is also very rich, internal lock crack is more, will make the raw material was cut very broken, and will not be able to process the bracelet, even do spend a lot around the flower can't.
There is little chance of bright green in the jade of white sand. If there is color, it is usually very light green. The yellow sand skin is more common, the color inside is good and bad, sometimes also can have the thicker colourful root; Red sand is usually very thin, the texture is very hard, the exterior weathering trivalent iron ion forms red, this kind of red sand skin if inside the color root, often can produce high-grade material; Burning on is black skin, black is containing a high chromium ion, raw material internal may have deep green, sometimes may be full of green materials, sometimes will give priority to with black, black sand kind of change is big, some is "dragon water everywhere," good, good, or filled with green color, the material, have a plenty of "shit son out high green", color is good but contain a lot of dirty, some kind of too dry, although have green but you cannot make a jewelry, so said wu burning on gambling is the largest.
The pine flower is a kind of green color that can be seen in the emerald skin. The more green, the better, the darker the color than the dark, the distribution concentrated better than the dispersion, and the deeper the better.
Python is strip of jadeite raw materials on the skin bumps, the python shows that the skin may be a root of color, due to the crystalline structure of the root of color close, more than the other part can resistance to weathering, so the strip of highlight on the surface. It is important to observe that the anaconda is looking for from various aspects of the raw material, and sometimes it can be found that the anaconda is running through the whole raw material. Besides, it is also important to determine whether the constriction and texture of the python are delicate.
Tinea is the black or gray speck that appears on the emerald skin. It is the result of the replacement of the green jadeite by the Yang stone. To the emergence of ringworm to dialectical view, on the one hand, skin tinea indicated that there were green, on the other hand ringworm is overmuch, especially in epidermis, multiple surface that may inner very dirty, "dark green", raw material value.
Fog is the transition layer between the raw material of jadeite raw material and the inner jade meat. It is caused by the partial weathering of the jade meat under the skin after weathering. Good fog is very fine, the color is bright red or yellow, can improve the value of raw materials; The bad fogs are thick and dark, and do not use value to reduce the value of raw materials.
[jade knowledge] how to know jade broken jade?
There is a door or cut raw material, the expert is called "Ming material", the raw material is called "gambling". The reason is that the risk is too great, and the buyer will bet on it. Besides, there is no such bet. Sell material people understanding of jade is superb, where he opened doors to choose very well, may be the only time he showed green, and he couldn't open doors on material only means he doesn't look good. It's not that you don't make money on the bet, but that the odds are low.
The door is divided into "incision", "wipe" and "knock". "Incision" is cut a small piece of skin show small jade flesh, and after polishing, buy material people can clearly see the color of the patch, and defects, with a strong light doors can help determine whether the color inside. "Wipe the mouth" is to wipe off a small piece of skin, wet the door with water to see the color of this place and grow a part, but the small tufts and white cotton are not easy to see, the buyer should be extra careful. "Tapping" is the biggest bet, which is to knock out a small piece of skin on the raw material. It is hard to judge the distribution of color, as well as the distribution and defects of the color. As shown in the figure below, there are some scratches on the emerald raw material.
Even very experienced buy material master "to see how much money is how much money", not to bet on inside can't see the place, if there's a good kind of lust, it's unexpected harvest, if no, also won't compensate into capital. But now raw material prices, compared with the finished product increases lag behind a lot, when buying a material "to see how much money is how much money will buy less than expected, the competition in order to buy material with other people, can only continue to improve quotation, this case is often the result of" buy down ". To try to recoup the cost, the "buy down" raw material is sold at a higher price than the real value. Below the picture is the false color of the emerald raw material.

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