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How to maintain your jade jewelry in hot summer days

As the summer season approaches, jewellery will become an important element in decorating our summer colors, and jade jewelry has gradually become one of the main choices of people with the popularity of retro style in recent years. Many jade lovers believe that jade is spiritual. The so-called "Yu Yangren, people raise jade", the jade will be more beautiful. Therefore, neglecting the maintenance of jade, I do not know that the proper maintenance of jade will make its beauty more radiant, especially in the summer, the maintenance of jade is more important.

In the hot summer, people sweat more, and the salt and volatile fatty acids and urea in human sweat will slowly erode the appearance of jade. Because jadeite is often polished with Sichuan wax to increase its brightness, the substances in the sweat often corrode the wax on the surface of the jade, thus destroying the "brightness" and gloss of the jade. Therefore, in the summer, it is best not to put the jade in your hands to play, and those accessories that are worn on the body and close to the skin, such as bracelets, pendants, etc., should always be washed with a soft cloth in a neutral washing solution, dried and then used. Diamond cloth or suede polished.

In addition, jade jewelry should also avoid long-term contact with acids, alkalis and organic solvents, such as various cosmetics, perfumes, hairdressing agents, etc., will have a corrosive effect on its surface.

In addition, the jade is afraid of high temperature, and the jadeite will increase the internal molecular volume of the jade, causing the jade to become metamorphosed, causing the jade to lose its warm moisture, so that its germplasm will dry out and its color will become lighter. Therefore, when you go to Rizhao's strong beaches and other places, try not to wear jade jewelry, avoid excessive sunlight and direct exposure to it; and friends who like steaming saunas, please remove jade ornaments before entering the sauna, don't let jade long-term In high temperature and damp heat environment; try to avoid jadeite from high temperature or open flame when cooking. It is best to remove jade jewelry during cooking to prevent jade from being damaged.

In fact, the maintenance of jade is very simple, as long as the jade is cleaned regularly: soak it in clean water for 30 minutes, if it is dirty due to long-term wear, just gently soak the jade with a soft brush after soaking. . Such corrosive substances are difficult to damage on the surface of the jade for a long time, and at the same time, can restore the "moisture" that the jade is lost in the summer heat.

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