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How to recognize the true fake of jade. Type A, Type B, Type C,what is the meaning?

Jade is very popular recently, A lot of people have bought or investment impulse, but some must know before buy jade jade knowledge, some common terms also understand that the following is to discern between true and false to speak to you, and be sure to understand the so-called the cargo goods, B, C goods not jade hierarchies.
To understand the identification of jadeite should start with A, B and C. A few years ago, it was common to hear that merchants were misleading consumers: "A is A grade A jade, B is A grade B jade, C is A grade C jade," even now can be heard. In fact, A, B and C are three different concepts.

How to recognize the true fake jade bracelet of jewelry, A goods, B goods, C goods what meaning?

Natural jade bangle jadeite green bangle

1. A is A natural and unintentionally processed jadeite. It has A natural color and texture, and only A jade is the real thing that people say.

2. B goods means that the emerald has been soaked by the strong acid and soaked in the impurities. B jade is also called "shower" emerald, its texture is false. Jade after acid soak, dirty impurities was soak off, but at the same time, the texture of jadeite is completely destroyed, not jade toughness, soft and full of space, in order to look not to come out on appearance, and joined the transparent silicone in the gap. Therefore, it looks very beautiful and has A good texture, but its price is very low. It is often about one-tenth of the same appearance. A lot of people accidentally buy B goods because B goods tend to look good and cheap. However, it is not the test of time. After a few years, the silica gel will oxidize and the emerald will become unrecognizable. Some people in the jewelry industry said that the jade is also genuine, only after some processing, if consumers are willing to buy is the choice of consumers. But I don't agree with this point of view, because B goods jade is low enough to do the jewellery of raw material, through destructive means of processing, to pretend to be high-grade jade, and the vast majority of buyers are thought to buy genuine goods (A) under the condition of purchase, cannot put this dedicated to pretend to be high-grade real B jade cargo also say true goods. The three elements of jewelry are beautiful, durable and rare, while the jade of B products does not have these three elements. Therefore, it is not the real goods that are fake.

3. C goods are artificial coloring of jadeite, which is artificially colored in the original color, and its color is fake and fake. Staining method has a lot of kinds, most are emerald first heating, lead to crack between crystalline particles increase, then local on the dye, the color along the crack into the jade, the colors are green, purple, yellow, red. In the professional jewelry appraisal institute, B goods, C goods are easy to be identified, and as a general layman, is there a simple and easy identification method? Objectively speaking, it will take many years of experience to identify B and C jade, and there is no magic trick for amateurs. Once asked by consultants, whether the use of hair on jadeite can be authenticated, it is said that it was studied in a jewelry shop at a tourist attraction. This method is unscientific, and there is no scientific basis for it, and it would be a loss to those who buy it in this way.

See C cargo emeralds, look on the light, see jade color distribution, often can see the color is along the crack distribution, distribution of the color is not natural, look very much like the capillaries, see this kind of situation can be concluded that color is not natural existence of Yu Yushi, but from the outside. In addition, dyeing color has no color root, often floating on the surface of jade, the color also "hair death", "hair," no natural color of the aura.

See B cargo emeralds, in the case of follow the light to see, turn the jade, can find clear emerald surface reflective Angle, careful observation B goods surface can be seen there are a lot of pits and pitting, is on the surface of silica gel formed after weathering erosion dissection. In addition, the luster of B's jade is different from that of A, the jade structure is dense, and the exterior is glassy. B jadeite because of the injection, the appearance of a waxy luster.

If it is A jade bracelet, with other jadeite or coin gently percussion, A goods emerald sound is clear and sweet, B jade jadeite sound dull, this is also A simple and easy identification method.

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