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Introduction to the maintenance method of jade

The ancients talked about the cultivation of jade, a "raise" word, not only said the jade is the material of life, but also contains a lot of knowledge. If you don't believe these, can seek advice to jade shops, their salesman or technical staff can provide you with a lot of appreciation and jade maintenance knowledge of specific the roughly classified into the following points:

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1. Avoid collision with hard objects. Jade of hardness is high, but it is easy to crack after the collision, sometimes, although with the naked eye can not see crack in molecular structure of the surface has been destroyed, there are dark crack, which will greatly damage the perfect degree and economic value.
2. Avoid dust as much as possible. If there is dust in daily jade, use soft brush to clean; If dirt or oil stains are attached to the jade surface, it should be washed with lukewarm soap water, then rinse with water, and avoid using chemical degreasing agent solution. If the dust has not been cleaned for a long time, because the jade carving is very delicate, please make the professional factory, the public to avoid, with special ultrasonic cleaning and cleaning and maintenance.
3. When not in use, please put it in place. It is best to put in a jewelry bag or jewelry box so as not to rub or damage. If such high-grade jade jewelry, do not put on the cabinet, avoid dirt, affect the brightness.
4. Avoid contact with perfume, chemicals, soap and human sweat. As is known to all, sweat with salt, volatile fatty acid and urea, jade contact too much sweat, do not immediately wipe dry clean again, after wearing the erosion, damaged the outer layer, the brilliance of influence. In particular, "vitreous" patek, sheep fat white jade, more avoid sweat and grease. If you have too much contact with the sweat, it will become pale yellow, no longer pure white as fat, which is also introduced in jade identification.
Avoid direct sunlight. The jade should avoid the sun exposure, because jade meets thermal expansion, the molecular volume increases, will affect the jade. Especially the hibiscus jade, crystal, agate and so on the high heat will burst, because this is not close to the heat source.
6. Use a clean and soft white cloth to wipe the pendant. It is not suitable to use dyed cloth and hard fabric. Set with diamonds, red sapphire, and emerald, precious stones such as jade jewelry, also only should be wiped with a clean white cloth to wipe, grease, dust, impurity, humidity, or sweat, this helps to maintain and sustain its elements.
7. The jade should be kept at an appropriate temperature. Jade want to rely on to maintain a certain humidity, a fine jade pieces are need maintenance, the maintenance of good will not lose the old qian li and quaint, because at the time of underground nature gave her jade nutrients, moisture, not dry. Do better after the last procedure is jade jade piece of beauty, give her senior protection wax coated with grease, the purpose is to raise jade jade, county and a person's skin is absolutely the same, jade living environment must have the humidity, the jade to wear for a long time, some looked to be in gray scale, county not run dry, that is about to regular decontamination nourished, I introduce my friends to a maintenance method.
The pot with water in them to jade pieces like steamed bread, the jade pieces after steaming hot, with a clean piece of cloth lining hand to remove the jade pieces don't use chemical fiber cloth, hot with brush to brush the grey mark above the county, evenly coated with a layer of thin again high quality of wax,] [it is best to use the high quality of pure wax candle wax selection of quality can also use, melted wax liquid with a brush to apply evenly, after waiting for jade pieces of cold, with raw white cloth is wiped many times, it is best to cotton, remove the excess wax, it is ok, the old as new.

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