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Jade bangle identification

There are many kinds of jade bangle and bracelets. To identify the jade bracelet, the first thing is to identify what kind of jade bracelet is made, and then identify the jade bracelet according to the material of each jade bracelet. At present, there are many jade bracelets made of jade and jade and agate, and the following is a brief description of their own simple authentication methods.

Natural jade bangle Chinese Hetian nephrite bangle

Identification of jade bracelets to see, two, three, four listen. Look at the features, look at the structure, look at the color, look for flaws, and the emerald is characterized by the "green", that is, the star spot light caused by its internal granular, flaky or fibrous macular cleavage; Jade structure has the characteristics of variable phenocryst interweave, around the translucent granular phenocryst have tiny fibrous mineral crystal intertwined, the density of the structure, fine crystal is emerald geological evaluation, and measure the important basis of jadeite grade discretion; Jadeite usually has glass, subglass or half glass luster, color is not uniform; Other fake jade bracelets do not have the characteristics of emerald green. Touch: jade bracelet heat, heat fast, paste on the face or put on the back of the hand in a short period of cold feeling; Jade bracelet has a very high surface finish, the hand feels the slippery feeling is obvious. Other fake jade bracelets have no such feature. Three-phase: the density of jadeite is 3.34g/cm3, higher than its similar soft jade, and the experience can be used to determine whether it is jade bracelet. Four listening: listen carefully jade the rattle of between, can tell whether it is A cargo roughly treated jadeite jade bracelet or after pickling B and C jadeite jade bracelet. The natural jadeite jade bracelet quality of A material is good, is pure sweet voice during A touch attack.
[jade's knowledge] the identification of jade bracelets.

Hetian jade bracelets are seldom seen by human hands, because they are white, so there is no need to try to dye them. Hetian jade since ancient times, is a kind of precious jade species, so there are counterfeits appear, the most counterfeited jade bracelets are serpentine jade bracelet, quartz jade bracelet and calcite jade bracelet, etc. The sensory characteristics of the jade bracelet, one is the luster, for the characteristic oil sheen or the glass with grease feeling; Second, structure, hetian jade is a kind of small fibrous crystals mixed of jade, can see small fibrous crystals composed of interwoven, sparse and tinea, but not the transparent of small granular crystal, known as "phenocryst"; Third, transparency, relative may confuse jade bracelet, the transparency of hetian jade jade bracelet is relatively poor, although is translucent or opaque, in fact most is slightly transparent, translucent hetian jade is not easy to see.

Agate has natural color, also has processing dyeing. Natural colors are mainly red, amber and white. Among them, red is the best. The blue and purple agate bracelets that are sold on the market are not the same color. They are made after being processed. They will fade in a few years. Agate jade bracelet can be identified from transparency, weight and temperature. Transparency: true agate bracelet transparency not as good as synthetic, slightly chaotic, some can see natural water line or "cloud", and the synthetic agate bracelet good transparency, like transparent glass. Weight: the real agate jade bracelet is heavier than the synthetic agate bracelet. Temperature: the real agate jade bracelet is cool in the summer, and the artificial synthetic agate jade bracelet changes with the external temperature. It also gets hot in hot weather, and it cools down in the cold.

More jade bracelet identification methods:

1) if you have a pair of buy bracelets together, you will have two they overlap, and then twist friction, after several times, if the bracelet sent out a bad smell (it is easy to smell), means that your bracelet is man-made. If the nose is close to the bracelet, there is a cold and warm feeling, you are buying natural real bracelet. When buying later, also want to ask two bracelets, carry on such friction, to verify the authenticity of the bracelet.

2) can find a piece of common glass, use the bracelet on the glass hard to carve, (be careful not to break the bracelet). If it is artificial, the bracelet and the glass are both damaged, there are obvious scratches; If it is a natural bracelet, the bracelet itself is intact and the glass has obvious scratches. It can also be bought later.

3) it is hard to see the authenticity in your picture. You can use the bracelet against the lamp, with a magnifying glass. If the pattern in the bracelet is flocculated, the description is natural; The forgery was struck by a laser, and it was obvious that it was man-made.

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