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Jade bracelets - the wear of jade bracelets

Modern people wear jade bracelet, especially female most prominent, they express their inner world with jade bracelet, let themselves add charm, graceful, life is like jade. But not all women can wear a good effect, because of each different color of skin, temperament, and the size of the child's height, age, length of body fat, arm, hand shape differences, the places, such as the peripheral group differ in thousands ways, combined with the jade bracelet style box, color different, choose the difference is very important.

Natural jade bracelet jadeite bracelet
The jade bracelet is worn.
Wearing jade bracelet don't have to follow others, give priority to with feeling in my mind, want to choose what you choose, with exquisite posture, to wear their favorite white jade bracelets, why think too much, wear jade bracelet itself is a kind of exquisite. Of course wear what jade bracelet also can be the secret of the heart, as long as the function that serves as green leaf to serve as a flower, it is a kind of most appropriate exquisite. Generally speaking, wearing jade bracelets should pay attention to the following points:
Pay attention to match with your age: generally speaking, rich jade bracelet, carved jade bracelet and jade bracelet are suitable for middle-aged and old women to wear, can display simple, rich and elegant charm. Round jade bracelet, flat jade bracelet and other suitable for young women to wear, generous and decent, yong bao youth. The neckline of the imperial concubine is small, the young girl who satisfies the delicate wrist, and its economic benefit.
Attention with their skin color matching, color of skin is black people should not be wearing a white jade bracelet, lest make color more dark, wearable color deeper impression of jadeite jade bracelet, such as wearing a violet jadeite jade bracelet, pea green to bake with bottom, jadeite jade bracelet; White people can use a variety of color bracelets.
Be sure to match your arms: a plump, rounded arm, suitable for a wide and loose jade bracelet, and a thin, tight jade bracelet that appears to be more bulky. Those with thinner arms should choose a narrower jade bracelet. Too wide jade bracelet will appear the arms are more slender.
Since ancient times, the Chinese people have been representing the beautiful things, praising the will of a person with "anti-jade festival", and describing the beauty of women with the "jade appearance". Wearing jade bracelets is a symbol of loyalty and beauty. In the later han dynasty, it was called "double jump off", which means reunion, protection, close association and skin related. In the neolithic tomb, the jade bracelet has been found. Since there is also a presence in the funeral, strangers (including men and women) also bring jade bracelets. The original ring or the yuan jade, worn on the arm, like an arm circle, was later worn on the wrist. The "chi you ring" (actually called "yuan") in the yellow emperor's time is basically a jade bracelet, but there are several decorative patterns on the outside. The new Stone Age to three generations, some short and short form of cong, the shape is basically from the cylinder type jade bracelet. Some of them are also made of the "god's face composite image", which is used as the "instrument of heaven and earth" on the wrist. In liangzhu culture, jade dragon's anklets (unearthed in yuhang yao mountain in zhejiang province) have been found, which is the technique of embossing and line carving, which is carved with unique facial patterns. "The shape of a plane with a lateral tilt is similar to that of the traditional Chinese concept," the archaeologist said in the report. It is also said that "the bracelet of the ring, or may be regarded as a symbol of the dragon body." Therefore, it is said that the jade bracelet is like a dragon, to protect the Chinese children, is also a combination of national feelings. The ancient women's arms, which were transformed into short and short jade cong, were feminine, feminine, and sacrificial rites, and also had the meaning of "earth" to protect the shade. A folk person thinks that dai yu can be frightened, protect body and peace of mind, have a long history, and national psychology concerned, not purely decorative use.
As is known to all, wearing a bracelet is one of the ways to get fit. The body of some of the channels and collaterals from the beginning of the fingers, wrist to arms upward, acupuncture point has a lot of distribution on the meridian or nearby, the wrist is the commissioner of customs, door god, provide for the aged, te 4 important points, such as wearing a bracelet, as the activities of the arm, led to growing massage acupuncture points on the wrist bracelet, so as to achieve the goal of fitness. [/ task]
[warning] bracelets are in contact with the skin, and some of the chemical components in the bracelet may penetrate the skin to make mineral drugs work and produce health care. According to the data, the medical effect of gold and silver minerals is: the spirit of the town, the bone marrow, the fear of fear, the destruction of gangrene, and the determination of the liver; The main functions of baoyu stone mineral drugs such as white jade, sapphire and agate are: zhenjing, nourishing the five organs, moistening the heart and lungs, helping the voice throat, the blood pulse, yijing, and so on. It turns out that bracelets do have health benefits.

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