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Jade has five virtues

"Jade, the beauty of stone, there are five virtues." The Confucian school of mainstream Chinese culture evaluates jade as supreme. It is believed that jade has a virtue, and only those noble qualities of jade can become a gentleman and realize the highest realm of man. Therefore, in addition to being a "stone beauty", a definition of jade should also have the virtue of jade. The ancients have various expositions about jade with "five virtues", "nine virtues" and "eleven virtues", and further improve the humanistic connotation of jade. To a sacred point, among the many jade and jade varieties, it can be said that it is a very prominent "Chinese characteristics." Here is a description of the "five virtues" of jade.

What is the "five virtues" of jade? "Benevolence", "righteousness", "intelligence", "yong", "clean".

It’s warm and gentle.

From the outside, you can know the middle, the righteous side also.

Its sound is soothing, Bo is far from the smell, and the wisdom is also.

Do not bend and fold, the courage is also.

Sharp and not awkward, Jie Fang also.

"Running with warmth, the side of the benevolence" - gentle moisturizing and lustrous, indicating that Yushan Shi Enze, rich in love;

"There is no reason to know the truth, the righteous side is also good" - jade has a higher transparency, and the characteristic texture inside it can be seen from the outside, indicating that jade is doing its loyalty;

"The sound is soothing, the blog is far from the smell, the wisdom of the side is also" - if you hit the jade, it will make a clear and melodious sound, and can be transmitted to a far away place, indicating that jade has wisdom and conveyed to the people around it;

"Unyielding and folding, the courageous side is also" - has a very high toughness and hardness, indicating that Jade has the courage of Superman;

"Ruilian is not awkward, and the party is clean" - there is a fracture but the edge is not sharp, indicating that jade itself is clean and self-discipline but does not harm others.

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