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Jade maintenance common sense: the person raises jade to raise a person

The ancients talked about the cultivation of jade, a "raise" word, not only said the jade is the material of life, but also contains a lot of knowledge. To sum up, there are roughly the following points: avoid collision with hard objects. Jade of hardness is high, but it is easy to crack after the collision, sometimes, although with the naked eye can not see crack in jade surface molecular structure has been destroyed, there are dark crack, which will greatly damage the perfect degree and economic value.

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Jade maintenance common sense: the person raises jade to raise a person.
Avoid dust as much as possible. If any dirt or oil stains are attached to the jade surface, it should be washed with warm, soapy water and washed with clean water. Do not use chemical degreasing agent solution.
Put a pendant on it when not in use. It is best to put in a jewelry bag or jewelry box so as not to rub or damage. If such high-grade jade jewelry, do not put on the cabinet, avoid dirt, affect the brightness.
Avoid contact with perfume, chemicals, soap and human sweat. As is known to all, sweat with salt, volatile fatty acid and urea, jade contact sweat so much, do not immediately wipe clean again, after wearing the erosion, damaged the outer layer, the brilliance of influence. In particular, "vitreous" jade, sheep fat white jade, more avoid sweat and grease. Many people think that the more you touch the body, the better it will be with sweat, which is a big misunderstanding. Jade is different from the ancient jade, ancient jade need based process, to the body's temperature, and the "glass" jade itself is glittering and translucent connect fully, need not to use any method, it is impossible to what method can make it more bright. The white jade of sheep fat is too much contact with sweat, it is easy to turn pale yellow, no longer pure white as fat.
Avoid direct sunlight. The jade should avoid the sun exposure, because jade meets thermal expansion, the molecular volume increases, will affect the jade. Especially the hibiscus jade, crystal, agate and so on the high heat will burst, therefore more avoid close to heat source.
Use a clean, soft white cloth to wipe the clothes, not to use dyed cloth, fiber hard cloth. Set with diamonds, red sapphire, and emerald, precious stones such as jade jewelry, also should be wiped with a clean white cloth to wipe, only will sweat grease, dust, impurity, humidity, or erase, it helps to maintain and sustain its elements.
The jade should maintain appropriate humidity. The jade depends on certain humidity to maintain, especially water gallbladder agate, crystal kind jade. Water bile agate in formation, there is natural water inside, if not maintain humidity surroundings, very dry, the inside of the natural water is easy to evaporate, thereby losing its collection of art and economic value.
1. Polishing jade: it is a clean soft towel or the surface of the sheepskin, which can achieve a certain amount of jade.
2. Dish jade: it is through the hand to play or rub the face, the skin surface of the person's body is consciously engaged in friction. But the human skin contains oil, after the jade, the application of clean soft towel to wipe off the oil.
3. Nourishing jade: including polishing jade and dish jade, pay attention to normal wetness, such as pepe and bracelet, which can reach the inner and surface of jade and achieve a certain moistening effect.
4. Repair: it is necessary to repair the damaged jade pieces in time.
5, recovery: for some put strong radiation (uv) in the sun or indoor with strong light irradiation for a long time, in the shade of indoor for a period of time, you can restore jade adsorption on the surface of the water, with a soft cloth to wipe again can restore a certain degree of lip and brightness, can also be placed in the antique cabinets and counter a glass of water, also can achieve the effect.
6, moisturizing: refers to the polishing excessive make jade surface adsorption and molecular water interlayer water loss, its surface structure by a certain damage, non-metallic "fatigue" is called, is characterized by jade to dry the surface of the light. The better method is "dish jade" and "soil dip", in the soil of certain humidity can be placed for a period of time to achieve the effect of hydration. Or use raw bamboo to polish once again, also can achieve certain complement water effect.
7. "recuperation" : some manufacturers use some cheap green powder to polish and polish the jade surface in order to reduce the cost of polishing and polishing. The jade part of the jade will be "burnt" to the "one layer". The rehabilitation method is to add detergent to wash with hot water to the surface of the jade green powder, and then rinse thoroughly with hot water with transparent soap water, dry, and then polishing again with raw bamboo powder with diamonds, recover the original visage of emerald green and natural characteristics, also can achieve the effect of jade.
8. Avoid: avoid collision and damage, save proper, avoid contact with acid and alkali objects, avoid long-term strong light, so as not to damage the structure of jade surface.

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