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Jade pendant wear and appreciation

Wearing jade pendant is an expression of cultural taste and aesthetic taste, which is the natural information to convey personality. To wear beauty is to show the inner world and the spiritual outlook of self-improvement. It is an intuitive judgment of aesthetics, which is influenced by society, culture, class, region and custom, and varies from person to person. People are constantly putting forth new ideas and new explorations. With the continuous interpretation of the historical process, the wearing of different ethnic groups is exquisite, and the display of different styles and schools has formed a colorful decoration culture.

Natural jade pendant lavender jadeite pendant
With the improvement of people's living standard, the jade pendant worn by the aristocrats of the past is gradually becoming more common. So, how to appreciate jade pendant?
1. Materials: the material is the first premise of appreciating jade pendant. High quality jade is essential for a jade pendant, such as jade, jade, luster, density, split, and so on are all elements of jade grade, should not be ignored.
Second, the distinguishing model: modelling is the structure of jade pendant aesthetic, also is the important factor that decides jade pendant value. The shape is determined by the function and the shape of the jade billet. Symmetrical but not mechanical, balanced and stable jade pendant is a beautiful work.
Ornament: the decoration of jade pendant, its beauty and ugliness are easily perceived and felt. Generally speaking, it is subject to the need of the pendant, or both of them depend on the needs of social functions. The ornamentation should be treated with structure, rules, simplicity and density, and it has an appreciation value in order to be orderly and harmonious.
4. Process: the process is the technical condition that the material becomes pendant, its nature is more stable, it is not easy to be recognized by people, it is a problem of appreciation. All thallium workers are fluent, skilled and skilled workers must be beautiful or more beautiful, on the contrary, the weak and weak, the collection of the value of the decline of the symbol, not to be hastily collected.
Art: art is the highest state that every jade pendant pursues, and it is also the most difficult to achieve. All lively, xingshenjianbei is art beauty, reflected the rich collection value, on the other hand, ACTS with abandon, blindly the works of the old man is in violation of the artistic beauty, appreciation value may be much less.
Vi. Innovation: from the perspective of artistic innovation, there are innovative jade pendants, which can reveal different personalities.
The jade pendant can be a body, or it can be tessellated. It can be thick and thin, but it can be large and small.
Wear jade pendant to pay attention to aesthetics.
Beauty, believe in the beauty, appreciate beauty, the pursuit of beauty is human nature, in the pursuit of inner beauty at the same time, also want to make their appearance, clothing and dress up beautiful, make life beautiful, this is the most natural desire of modern people. Jade pendant jewelry is not only a commodity, but also an embodiment of cultural taste. It is an organic combination of culture and beauty. The beauty of jade pendant jewelry must have the proper way of expression, that is, only the correct choice of jade pendant which is suitable for oneself, will give others, give oneself to be pleasing to the eye and confident and uplifting.
Therefore, when choosing jade pendant jewelry, must combine oneself situation, combine own individual character and decide. Generally can be roughly divided into three aspects: first is own temperament, character, figure, posture, and so on; Secondly, the location, environment, time and so on; The third is his own fashion design style, color, texture and so on. Only on the basis of correct selection of wear will make jade and aesthetic value, make the wearer more show elegant demeanor, more beautiful, the jade pendant style, color, design style is an important factor to consider. Wearing jade pendant is the means to build mental image, while exquisite is the important driving force of the finishing touch.

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