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Jadeite is not all green

In general people's understanding, jadeite bracelets are green, in fact, this is wrong. In fact, there are purple and red jadeite bracelets, which can be divided into green bracelets, Froshou bracelets, gold-filament jadeite bracelets, violet bracelets, white-background green jadeite bracelets and flower-green jadeite bracelets.

Green Bracelet refers to the overall color of the bracelet is green, no other color. If the bracelet is good, the water head is good, and the color is right, then such bracelet can be called the best in Jadeite bracelet, very rare. In jadeite auctions, high-priced items are usually full of green.

Flushou Bracelet refers to the red, green and purple which have the most matching colors in the bracelet. This is a rare three colors, especially these three colors are well distributed, and they are also excellent. Of course, depending on the depth and brightness of these three colors. If the red, green and purple three colors are properly distributed, and the color is very bright, coupled with good seed and quality, such jadeite bracelets can be said to be priceless treasures, which are hard to find in the collection circle at present. Jadeite bracelet with gold filament refers to the bracelet with parallel filaments of green. Its value can be seen from two aspects, on the one hand, whether its "silk" and "strip" are wide or narrow, whether its density is large or small, of course, should also take into account whether the color is bright; on the other hand, whether its foundation is clean, transparent and fine.

The color of violet bracelet can be pink purple, called pink purple, or blue purple, called blue purple, between the two purple, with some gray, called eggplant purple. As long as blue-purple or pink-purple bracelets are slightly better, the price will be tens of thousands of yuan, while dark blue-purple and pink-purple bracelets, even if the color is not uniform, as long as they are well planted (ice species), the price will rise to more than 100,000 yuan.

Jadeite bracelet with white background and bright green spots. However, the species of white-background green are generally not very transparent, relatively dry, and the color is relatively large, so the same kind of jadeite bracelet is white-background green, the price difference is also relatively large.

Cyanine jadeite bracelet is the most common kind of jadeite bracelet. Anthocyanids are those with uneven colours and can distinguish between green and bottom colours. The evaluation of this bracelet is mainly from two aspects of color and base. According to the auction transaction situation in recent two years, the high price of jadeite market is mainly green jadeite, and even the old ones such as violet and red are not ideal, which is related to the difference of people's understanding.

A pair of violet Bracelets from the Qing Dynasty attracted people's attention in the upcoming autumn shoot of Tianjin National Photo. The violet bracelet is pink and purple, well-planted, water head and feet, well-balanced in color, regular in shape and fine in workmanship. It is really a rare art treasure. The reference price of this piece is 120,000 to 150,000 yuan. Industry insiders believe that from the current market, a slightly more positive color violet bracelet, its price should be more than 10,000 yuan. This violet bracelet is not only of good age and color, but also a pair, so its price must be quite high.

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