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Magic Jade Raw Stone

The jade material is quite amazing. It has various shapes, various skins, various sizes, various textures and various colors.

Some raw materials are cut into many pieces, and the internal texture and color are unobstructed. This kind of material is called “bright material” and the risk is small. Some raw materials only cut a small cover at one end, and the texture of the raw material can only be seen from the incision, and only the internal condition can be estimated from the appearance of the outer skin. Some raw materials only wear a few small "windows" (or "doors") on the body. The texture and internal color direction are completely speculated by some "performance" on the skin. The window has green inside. green. If there isn't even one "window", then this kind of "male-head material" is not even dare to touch it. However, there is a layman who bravely shoots under the persuasion of others. After buying it, there is no color in the cut, the investment cost. It instantly disappeared into nothing. In the words of the old expert, this is "it is not expected to lie, but people will lie."

Some raw materials are very large, weighing more than one ton, and can be used as tables and chairs. Some of the raw materials are very small, so many pieces are packed in a small plastic box. The bulk material is not worth the money, it may be rough in texture, light in color, and dirty in color. It can only be used to make some low-grade large ornaments or processed into B-cargo jade, which is called “pile head material” by experts. It is often a few dozen kilograms. money. If the small material does not have a low price, if the size of the matchbox can produce a good ring, the value will be 10,000 yuan or more, and the kilogram will cost several million yuan. There are a lot of jade materials. There are more than 2,000 pieces of raw materials in an auction. Ten thousand pieces of materials are piled up in the yard, but there are very few good materials. There are more than ten pieces of high-green color jewelry materials. The proportion may be only one in ten thousand. This can explain the questions frequently asked by some friends: "Why are all the goods of A-car jade worth hundreds of thousands, millions, and some in the market, roadside stalls to sell a few dollars, dozens of dollars? "This can also explain that not all A-car jade has a collectible value, only those jadeites with very rare stocks and very high quality have a collectible value."

Some raw materials are gray, black, very dirty, and the internal texture is quite thick. However, if there are green veins in this inconspicuous raw material, the green part tends to have good water. The line is called "The dragon has water everywhere." The value of this piece is quite impressive. Although it is only a fine vein, it can produce many rings.

The purple is mostly distributed inside the raw materials, and the clusters are distributed one by one. The purple places are often poorly grown and the crystal grains are large. If you take the purple material and the red color of the seed color, the purple color is more.

There are not many raw materials in Mo Cui, and the blocks are not large. Mo Cui is one of the fastest growing raw materials in recent years. A few years ago, a friend once spent 800 pieces to buy a piece of Mochui raw materials, which can produce two or three bracelets, six or seven pieces of flower cards. Now only one ink tea brand sells for more than 1,000 yuan.

The white glass type jade skin is mostly fine white sand skin. Although the white glass type has no color, the buyer still has to gamble whether the stone interior is white or not, and whether the texture is as delicate as the incision. If the crystalline particles become thicker or a large area of ​​white spots appear, the value of the glass seed material will immediately shrink. From 98 years to now, the price of glass raw materials has increased by more than 20 times, and the rise in finished product prices will continue.

Jade raw materials are unpredictable, often making people rich overnight or bankrupt overnight. There are too many stories in the middle. There is no myth that you can never make a profit. Only when you can afford to lose, can you win.

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