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Simple identification technique for jewelry jade

In recent years, there has been a variety of jewelry counterfeits in antique markets around the country, deceiving collectors and consumers. According to industry insiders, these tricks are mostly from guangzhou jewelry jade market. Here, the jewelry concerned expert visits after the induction.
Surface coating
Immerse a colorless gem or a lighter gem in a colored solution, allowing the pigment to settle on the surface of the gem to change the color of the gem itself. This method of processing the original jade mainly use in porous more crack, so now it is mainly used on the crystal fraud, namely the colorless or light yellow or purple crystal solution soaking and imitation topaz, amethyst. In addition the market also has the purple red pen on the surface of the colourless bracelet the phenomenon of color imitation violet, this kind of processing method is simple to distinguish, as long as the attention will not let go.

Natural jade earrings lavender jadeite ring
Smoke screen
Gemstones are colored with colored stones, which are used in yellow crystal, amethyst, aquamarine, topaz, etc. Strictly speaking, this is not a method of processing, because it does not deal with the gem itself, but this method is easy to make the novice to lose the judgment of the price.
Fish eye mixed method.
In a string of beads mixed with other cheaper gems such as glass, synthetic gems, processing gems, etc. For example, mixed glass in yellow crystal, mixed with crystal in natural crystal, mixed crystal in tourmaline, jade mixed with jade, etc.
The polishing powder color method.
The color of the bracelet itself is changed by a large amount of green polishing powder on the inside and outside of the colorless or light-colored jade bracelet. This method was popular in the market a few years ago. It was cold for some time and now it is on fire again. It is found that this method is used in the imitation of oil and green jade. In the test, it is necessary to pay special attention to the jade bracelet with uniform color and blue color.
Coating method
In guangzhou ZhuBao pitch deposition method is mainly used in the following aspects: 1. The garnet coating method In red garnet surface coated with a layer of metallic thin film, pervious to light show terra-cotta-colored observation, the industry known as "red blood stone". 2. The crystal coating method is used for the sales of "rainbow stone" on the surface of crystal clusters. 3. The amber coating method is used to coat the yellow amber with a deep red film to improve the appearance of the amber. The film is mainly used to protect the material of the colored plaque, because it has a layered structure, which is easy to fall off if it is not protected.
Spell it legal
It is used in landscape crystal, watermelon tourmaline and diffusion processing star sapphire in guangzhou jewelry market. The detection method is mainly to find the split line and the split surface bubble.
Artificial "pearl of the night"
Use a kind of artificial luminous material with strontium to imitate the pearl of the night. This artificial luminous material is yellow-green in the early stage, and the newest product in the market is dark green, with a strong yellowish green phosphorescence in the dark. X-ray fluorescence analysis showed strontium and zinc peaks.
Irradiation method
It is mainly used in topaz, lemon yellow crystal, color diamond and black diamond. This method is difficult to be identified by conventional detection methods.
Emerald bracelets coating method.
In addition to the traditional methods such as bleaching, gum injection, dyeing and reengineering, jadeite's treatment has recently taken on a new trend, namely emerald bracelets coating method.
With the traditional "dress" jade is mainly used on the ring is different, this method is mainly used on the bracelet, the one part of the bracelet of surface coating, film colorless or sections is colorless and colored, colored part with the dye is not ordinary for all is fine granular green jade raw material. Because this method is not acid bubble, the dye used is also natural, so it is very deceptive. The main purpose of the bracelet is to fill the broken parts of the bracelet or to change the color of the bracelet. The earliest appearance of this bracelet has more bubbles on the surface, which is less sensitive and less lustrous. Recently this treatment has been improved, the surface is basically more difficult to detect bubbles, the luster is also better. Of course, this method is easy to identify with conventional detection methods.
The four major inspection methods:
Water test: a drop of water on the jade, such as a dew - like long unbroken jade; The water droplets quickly disappear are fake goods. Zhenyu touched it with his hand, and it felt cold and smooth.
Inspection method: to turn the jade into the light, such as sunshine, light, if the color is clear, the texture is evenly distributed is true jade.
The tongue lapping method: the tongue lapping true jade has astringent feeling; And the false jade has no astringent feeling.
Mirror method: the jade that will choose to buy is placed under magnifying glass to watch, basically is whether have crack, no crack person is good quality jade, have crack the person is second. Even true jade, the value of the crack is greatly reduced, the more cracks the more obvious, the lower the value.

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