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Talking shallowly about the “golden inlay jade” allusion

Both gold and jade are distinguished representatives of the Chinese people, and the combination of gold and jade is a masterpiece of perfect combination, showing that the nobility of the two is the perfect combination of gold and jade culture. Gold jade, originally refers to a variety of beautiful jade inlaid on the gold, this special kind of gold, jade inlaying technology is unique to our country, and has a long history of exquisite production. In Chinese traditional culture, the symbol of a noble and pure gold and jade, as li bai described as the "golden cup wine bucket ShiQian, tracts snake value than money", so the inset jades implication "marriage", the perfect combination of honor propitious and free from vulgarity.

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[jade's knowledge] a brief description of "gold jade" allusions.
It is a popular saying in our country that people often use it as a metaphor for the humble and lack of ability to recognize things. But if you think about it, it's not hard to see that the saying is rather confusing.
"Gold jade" originally refers to a special kind of gold and jade processing technology (that is, it is inlaid with various kinds of jade on the gold ware), and sometimes refers to the gold and jade articles made from this processing technology. For example: "jin ping mei" the twentieth time: "the rest of the play for me again, according to his big niang on the head of the gold jade goddess of the goddess of the goddess of attention." The seventy-second time: "Lin shi is wearing a full head of pearls, wearing a large red tunic robe, with gold in the waist and a jade belt, and a flowery skirt." This kind of "gold jade" object originally is very easy to identify, how can people "have eyes not to know"?
In fact, to trace the source, "the eyes do not know the golden jade" the saying is "the eye is not aware of the jade". "Don't have eyes ShiJing mountain jade" this saying is typical "everything is done, and the surname" : the spring and autumn period, Truman "bian and saw a phoenix landed in jingshan mountains (now in nanzhang county of hubei province) is a piece of bluestone. Because people at the time thought that phoenix was not a land of no treasure. Therefore, bian and decided that there must be precious jade in the stone, and gave it to king li. King li ordered jade to be identified, and the jade worker said it was nothing but a stone. King li was so angry that he ordered his left foot to be cut off. After king li died, the king of chu took over the throne, bian and went to his treasure. When the king of chu ordered jade to be identified, the jade worker still said it was only a stone. Therefore, bian and again because of the crime of deceit and lose the right foot. After the death of king chu, king of chu ascended the throne. Bian and holding the jade in the chushan under the tears, always weeping tears, eyes dripping blood. When the king of chu heard about this, he was very surprised. He sent someone to ask him, "why are you so sad because there are so many people who have had their feet cut off?" Bian and answer: "I am sad not to be cut off the feet, but the beautiful jade is regarded as the stone, the loyal person is regarded as a swindler." After listening to the king of chu, he ordered the jade workers to cut open the jade, and found that it was indeed a precious jewel. Later, in order to reveal bian and the name, the king of chu named the jade "and the bi". Because choi, and from jingshan mountains, the later generations and call it "jingshan mountains jade", such as the three countries,'s "book with Yang Zude that there is a cloud:" everyone "with the bead of snake spirit, every since the call hold the jade of jingshan mountains".
It is a symbol of beauty and nobility in Chinese culture, and also a unique technological and cultural tradition in China.

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