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The difference between jade and precious stones

Since China's reform and opening up, people's living standards rising, as the abundance of material life, the rise of the economic foundation, inevitably lead to the development of the superstructure, the development of jade jade and stone jewelry will not only satisfy the people's growing material life, but also people the superstructure (including the psychological, to treasure jade precious stone art, beauty, self-realization, etc.) the development of a kind of embodiment. With this development, all kinds of precious stones and jade ornaments, such as jade bracelets and furnishings, are the items that the baoyu stone consumers need to know about. So, what is jade, what is a gem, are they the same thing? What kind of differences or connections do they have? Jade city takes you into this seemingly magical world of precious stone, to slowly analyze.

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The difference between jade and jade and precious stones.
First, let's talk about gems.
1. The concept of gems.

The concept of a gem has chivalry and broad sense.
Chivalrous concept: the concept of gem in the nature color is gorgeous, good transparency, hardness is not lower than the glass (mohs hardness above 5.5), rare and stable chemical properties, even if transparency is not very good, but you have to have special optical effect, particles larger than 3 mm and can hone into single crystal stone jewelry minerals. From the concept of the chivalrous gems, all gems are single crystal, and jade is a polycrystalline structure, it is easy to get the conclusion: narrow sense, gem is excluded the jade.
The gem on the concept of generalized concepts: natural color, good transparency, rare and stable chemical properties, can hone, minerals or rocks carved into jewelry and crafts of raw materials or finished products. From this broad concept of gemstones, gemstones and jade are part of the stone, and jade is a gem.
Gemstones have three characteristics: magnificent, rare and durable. In a broad sense, diamonds, jadeite, crystal, agate, cat eyes, pearls and so on belong to the gem. From chivalry, diamond, crystal, cat eyes belong to the gem, other do not belong to the gem.

2. Classification of gems.

From the formation of gemstones, gemstones can be divided into natural gems, organic gems, and artificial gems. Natural gemstones are natural gemstones and their processed products. Produced by nature, rich in color, good in transparency, rare and durable, and can be processed into decorative minerals, his main features are natural. Organic gemstones are made from organisms that are made of organic matter. Such as ivory, coral and other precious stones. They differ from other gemstones in that the most important feature is that they are related to biology, which is generated by living things, and that there is no organic gemstone without biology, while natural gemstones are not biological. The third gemstone, besides these two, is related to people - artificial gems. Artificial gems, as the name suggests, are made by hand. Made or manufactured entirely or in part, used as jewelry and decorative materials collectively known as artificial gems. These include synthetic gemstones, synthetic gemstones, gemstones, and gemstones. Synthetic gems is a synthetic has a counterpart in the nature of varieties of gems, such as the method of crystallization from the melt with the same as the crystal chemical composition of chemical reagents, in the correct proportion mixing and melting and then, under controlled conditions, cooling crystallization growth gems, synthetic red sapphire, etc.; Artificial gemstones are artificially created gems that are not found in nature, such as strontium titanate. A gemstone is a gemstone that combines two or more pieces of the same or different stones. It is not a stone made of a complete material. Gemstones are made by artificial means of reducing the pieces of natural stones to melt or crush them and then crush them into gems.

Second, jade

In nature, color beautiful, fine texture, has a certain transparency, quality of a material is solid, durable, can be carved into adornment, can have a collection of one or more minerals. Jade city suggests that you know this, the jade includes a wide range of jade and stone. Such as jadeite jade, soft jade and tian yu, dongling stone, tian huang, chicken blood stone and so on.

Three, jade

In a broad sense, jade includes a wide range of jade, jade and jade, as well as jade, onyx, coral and other precious stones.

And chivalrous, only including nephrite jade hetian jade and jadeite jade, only two kinds, that is more stringent, although the classification of the jade has been controversial problem now is not completely solved, but the mineralogy has such categorization.

Because of gem, jade, jade a lot of these concepts in academic above has yet to be studied and classified, and living in what is called the precious stones, jade, jade and other general concepts and there is also the difference between the rigorous scientific classification, therefore, suggest that valuable jade jade city fans, at the time of purchase of gemstone jewelry, not general asked the seller of goods if jade, if some general problems, such as stones, but should ask clear goods name of minerals, compare carefully, accomplish know fairly well.


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