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The jade jade bangle discriminates against the purchase of fake goods

In today's society, since the beginning of the jade, the majority of consumers pay attention to the countless jade, love jade many people, but why the jade market is not the top of the sales? With this doubt, let us analysis analysis: natural jade now due to the increasingly scarce resources, the price also is growing, driven by shoddy, the interests of the individual businesses in with cheap price to attract consumers. Generally, this price is not in line with the market situation, and it is mostly used to fake jade, which is lower than the price of jade and similar to jadeite. The most common is water mill, dongling jade, Malay jade, etc. Otherwise, the quality of natural jadeite is treated as "bleached jadeite" (commonly known as "B") and "dyed jade (commonly known as C)" as natural A jade.

Natural jade bangle jadeite bangle
See you ever want a deeper understanding of the jade here, have you ever thought about where to buy real jade, have you ever want to have a real piece of jade, 6 simple little skill, identify jade true and false and share share:
(1) if it is a real jade, it feels cold and smooth with hands. Natural jade is transparent or translucent, the surface oil is lubricious and bright, observe carefully, visible near round slightly transparent "salt" and the fibrous material around it.
(2) look at the transparency of crystal, internal structure, gloss, etc. Sex. Natural jade is observed by strong light, and it can be seen that there are other mineral particles in the green light, called cui flower or cui nature; Fake products made of glass, plastic or porcelain are not characteristic of this "cuibility".
(3) licking the tip of the tongue has a astringent feeling, while the fake jade is not.
(4) the sound of jade is clear, and the voice of a man is false. Tie the jade with two small strings and bring them up to collide with each other. Relative density. The natural jade structure is hard and tight, without air bubbles, the density is large, and the sound is crisp when struck. The pseudo product is relatively loose or has air bubbles, the density is small, the percussion sound is not crisp.
(5) the measurement is mainly measured hardness. With glass board as the standard, except jade, turquoise, usually can draw a streak on the glass board, and the jade itself is not damaged. The fake jade is generally soft and can not scratch the glass. Natural jadeite is hard jade, mohs hardness is 7 degrees, with sharp cutting tools, no trace; Fake jade has low hardness and sharp knives.
(6) it is true jade that has no special smell, which is called fake jade. Some high anti-fake jade USES special jade powder to match the special gelatin, and then rub the two jade articles to each other to smell.
The genuine jade is rich and brilliant. And some falsify made with jade white jade, serpentine, Australia, Han Guoyu, marble stone, even after decolorizing, high pumping hard plastic slurry additive color processing, or immersed in liquid made from green jade "additive", observed under strong light, visible green grain, clutter and small; Some of them do not show the grain, but turbid, the gloss is poor, its weight is lighter than the real.

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