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The method of wearing the jade Pixiu pendant

The mythical beast is the ancient gods and beasts. It is written as a leopard in the text. It is like a tiger like a bear, strong and fierce, loyal and loyal. The flag of the han dynasty was painted with the shape of a mythical bird, and later it became a symbol of prosperity. Numerology think: the life for the enterprise, to the origin of life, the strong body can competent for the wealth of the strong, the weak body even face fortune, as well as the body weak wealth can't afford to choose, ", deliberately seek, hurt the body. The list goes on.

Natural jade carving jadeite Pixiu collectibles
1. Both men and women are suitable for wearing, but those aged over 72 should not wear any of them.
2. It can not be touched by the people.
3, wear and wear before, must often touch the mythical wild animal, let the mythical wild animal know you are the owner of it, because the mythical wild animal belongs to a kind of spirit beast, as long as you take good care of it, it will be obedient to you and help you.
4. If you don't want to wear it, you should put it in the place where you see the doorway. [warning]
The method for the opening of the mythical wild animal:
1. Select a good day, and clean up the mythical animal.
Take half a bucket of well water and half a bucket of rainwater.
3. Pour into a prepared container and clean it.
4. Place the clean and clean animal in the container and soak for three days.
5. Remove and wipe with a clean towel.
6. Take some tea oil and apply it to the eyes of the pixiu.
7, the spirit of the human nature, when the light is only one person to be present, the first sight of you, the first sight of you, will always bless you.
Another way:
The mythical wild animal medallion method: put the new buy of the mythical wild animal in the balcony the sun during the day, at night the moon is the most easy to irradiate position, put seven days the mythical wild animal can be natural medallion, this method from the moon and sun medallion of the mythical wild animal essence has a strong ability to resist evil spirit and fortune.

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