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The technical term in jade jadeite

In the jade industry, there are a lot of professional terms, if you are a buyer, so want to have a certain understanding of these terms, so as to better understand the jade, jade, reduces the chances of deceived: oh, of course, these terms are professional experience simple summary, can say this is the necessary knowledge

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The technical term in jade jadeite.
"Buy less"
For the purchase of emerald raw stone, "see more" is a selection process; It's a process of comparison; It is also a process of accumulating and verifying experience; The premise of "buy". "Buy less" is not not to buy, but to remind you to "see" to buy.
"Buy a line, don't buy a big movie"
For emerald green shape characteristics of the original stone, "a line" green tape and "a large" by green skin is the same kind of green, the shape of the two kinds of forms, is the "line" and "slices" lie respectively. The thickness of the line is known and the depth is unknown; The area of the film is known and the thickness is unknown. The key of the maxim is to remind people not to be confused by the green "more" and "less" on the jade surface, to realize the nature of green "liveness" and "lying". Therefore, it is not true that there is a large green jade also do not buy, but remind do not have excessive hope to the green thickness.
There is water everywhere.
The so-called "dragon" actually refers to the emerald green. That is to say, in general, the green parts are better than those without the green ones, regardless of the thickness or transparency of the texture. Of course, sometimes the difference between the emerald green and the ground is too strong, as the next maxim goes.
The dog's excrement is green.
The emerald and emerald green are interdependent and closely related. Generally speaking, when green water is good, the ground is usually not too bad, and vice versa. The motto is to remind people not to ignore the particularity of emerald green. Although not every "dog excrement land" will have high-grade green. But the "dog excrement" can appear in the best green.
"No tress"
"The book of rites" cloud: "the big GUI is not cut, beautiful its quality also." In fact, the high grade emerald green is usually also in the form of "vegetable" to express its natural essence. For example, in the old goods, the movement of the finger, the wing, and so on belong to the "vegetable life". If there is a pattern, there will be a groin under its beautiful pattern. Therefore, there is a saying that there is "no lock and no flowers" in the industry. The same is true in modern jade products.
Green with cold eyes
The so-called "green" refers to a kind of "fake emerald" with color, which is an old trick. Nowadays, there are "shower", "bath" and "coating". Of course, any faking may succeed in the moment, but not forever. The old maxim is to the people in the line, is to remind people to pay attention to the first glance, do not pass any doubt. As a result, for the consumer, may as well "cold eye" a bit. Be sure to buy the emerald in reputable, quality-assured stores.

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