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Why do Chinese people love jade?

Have since ancient times the Chinese jade special hobby, love than gold and other jade, jade in ancient times "gentleman without reason, jade, gentleman with jade bede how", and the jade stone color represents kindness, tough texture symbol of wisdom, not hurt the edges and corners of fairness and justice, a when knock is ringing happy music is squeaky clean the reaction of virtue. Because of this, people have always had a genuine preference.

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Jade, it's all ancient. The finest jade in the world is found in xinjiang and khotan. The dragon vein of solidified jade, in the belly of the mountain, hidden for billions of years. This jade dragon vein is the most wonderful crystallization of nature. With the vicissitudes of heaven and earth, some of the jade's dragon veins break out of the mountain, exposing itself to the snow and ice of heaven and earth, and showing the qualification of another jade. After the wind and frost sword, some of the jade fell in the mountain stream, the river, this jade is a large group of stars like the soul, people call it "baby jade". The jade is the sun son of jade, the most life force has been honed. This jade heart and the light of the soul, with the wind and rain lightning, water and ice, the blind date, is truly the spirit of the world. Jade is nature's best gift to mankind, but only the Chinese people have a heart for it, because only the Chinese have discovered the beauty of jade, and love it.

It is better to die than to die. This is the "humanizing" of jade, which symbolizes the noble personality, the noble spirit, the good character and the ideal of life, and the beauty of jade deepens the human soul.

The finest diamond must be cut. This sentence has gone beyond the scope of the chant, and has become a precept for early talent.

"And the wall of the wall", tells the story of a piece of jade! It is not only the wisdom of bian and jade that sing praises, he is not afraid of the punishment for a piece of "chu shan pu", lose both feet! What a touching spirit! This is to eulogize our Chinese nation's tenacity and indomitable will! It is also from a few thousand years ago the wise man of the words of exhortation: "knowledge, people! "

"Perfect return to zhao", the record of he is only Lin xiangru to make the story of the state of qin, it glorifies a kind of jade spirit, is the human beings to abide by the letter of the virtues of the covenant and the love of sacrifice.

Jade, because of its beauty, beauty of color, touch beauty, pronunciation, and in the genesis of king, for people. Jade is the symbol of nature, it is the heaven, earth, rainbow, the goodness of the day, month, is China's concept of the universe. It is the spirit, the idea, the ideal, is the Chinese nation's pursuit of beauty and sublimation.

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The jade, which has been produced for millions of years, has become a spiritual treasure after meeting the Chinese people. The Chinese people, who have all the fine qualities of man, regard jade as the soul of the nation. Because jade also has all the beautiful qualities that mankind yearns for, wen wen, quiet, reserved, pure, firm and positive.

Chinese people love jade, not just because of its rarity, or colour and lustre beautiful appearance, but has a deeper aesthetic value: because the jade of people deep feelings - to hometown nostalgia, worship of the ancestors. The love of the motherland, the cultivation of the Chinese nation's personality, pregnant with Chinese traditional aesthetics; The tradition of beauty, which has continued for thousands of years, has always been radiant with immortality.

"The superior gentleman bede yu", is a Chinese ancient Chinese motto, is the Chinese people and the jade at the first sight of the heart of the sincere feelings. The Chinese are alive, like jade, dead, the most sacred of mourning, is also "the rumination of a bunch, the person like jade". The most remarkable quality of jade is that yu is never indomitable. "It is better to die than to die", which is the most touching character of jade. Jade broken, broken or jade! The Chinese people regard jade as the soul of the nation. The Chinese people have been undaunted for nearly a hundred years, and the Chinese people have been a kind of "good for the jade, not the whole spirit, and maintain their dignity in this world." The Chinese people with jade spirit are invincible.

To sum up, the conclusions are as follows:

First, the influence of ancestors. In ancient times, jade was often used as a sacrificial vessel for ancestors and gods, which had a long influence on jade tradition.

Secondly, Confucianism advocates the profound influence of "the gentleman bede yu" thought. The master said that jade embodies all the virtues of a gentleman, and that jade is the embodiment of virtue, when it is far from ordinary stone. Anyone who thinks he is a gentleman is eager to get a piece of jade. Even in a period of time, the quality of peiyu's phase was even related to the moral character of peyu.

Thirdly, jade can ward off the influence of evil spirits after han dynasty. People give jade of han dynasty gives a kind of magical function, think jade can have the function of ward off evil spirits and bless people peace, so a lot of people want to be able to hang a wek-jin to get god bless.

Fourthly, the influence of the function of value preservation and appreciation. Over the years, the market value of jade and jade has increased tremendously, which is also an important reason why people nowadays love to buy and collect jade articles. This effect, however, is absolutely based on the above three factors, because there is no effect, the ancients thought of Confucian culture influence and pray for divine protection exist, is impossible to have so many people about jade and jade, won't make jade jade prices rise quickly.

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