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Wrist decoration - jade bracelet introduction

Our primitive ancestor, with a leather sheath or bone sheath on his arms and legs, was used to protect his bare hands and feet, and the jade bracelet became the first to appear. Primitive cliff-paintings when using jade build tools, gradually realize the jade of beautiful and practical, the worship of the jade, jade carved into arbitrary shape of box set of wear on the hand, pray for; Also engraved on the frame is a pattern to show different tribal totems. Continuously improve jade box set, is then deduce a series of circular ritual vessels, from the jade jade, jade cong, yuhuan, been reflected to produce the prototype of the jade bracelet, become beautiful ornaments, jade bracelet is from generation to the later generations. It is the combination of nature and culture, which is the embodiment of the continuous development of human intelligence.
[jade's knowledge] wrist decoration - jade bracelet introduction.
The jade bracelet, like the jade cong, has been unearthed in ancient cultural relics. Jade bracelets, like jade's, have hardly been found. It happens that today's jade bracelet is very similar to yu yuan's. Perhaps today's jade bracelet is derived from yuyuan. The ancients thought that the sky was round, so the sacrificial vessels of the heaven were round, and the circle was the symbol of heaven, and the circle was infinite and beautiful. Today's round jade bracelet, its meaning is also the nature and beauty.
Jade bracelet is one of the most basic wrist ACTS the role of people since ancient times, jade bracelet not only wear and production, our country has the world also have different degree of wear and production, it illustrates the concept of jade bracelet and aesthetic feeling are interlinked. The jade bracelet of our country because of the production craft is exquisite, the choice material is good, always has the leading position, is in the leading position. The jade bracelet of our country has been carrying on and developing the unique jade culture, representing progress and civilization, harmony and unity, classical beauty and modern beauty. Today, on the concept of aesthetic, jade bracelet was endowed with positive meaning, its implications and symbolic, reflects the beauty and magnificence, become a kind of memorial, a token, a serious of the emotion experience.
Jade bracelet is a large piece of jewelry in the decoration of our country, the selection of jade, white jade, green jade, agate, glazed jade, yellow wax stone, etc., is so called colorful, beautiful. But especially in the jade material is the most precious, not only with other jade jade superior quality, more outstanding is the emerald can collect a variety of color, colorful and attractive, its green color is emerald cannot compare. Nowadays, the style of the jade bracelet is mainly round jade bracelets, flat pieces of jade bracelet and imperial concubine bracelet. There are also rich jade bracelets, jade bracelets, jade bracelets, carved jade bracelets, jade bracelets, and so on.

Natural jade bangle jadeite bangle
To select bracelets, use the following benchmarks:
The bracelet is based on a five-finger joint, which is not only uncomfortable but will be difficult to take out in the future. If too big not only have the crisis of shedding, and because fluctuation is more intense and increase collision probability.
Bracelets are often round, oval, square, or rare. The oval shape is basically full of ergonomics, but each person's hand shape and preference are different, with comfort as a priority.
There are round body, flat body, and multi-angle face etc., among them, if the bracelet is too thick, it is heavy, too thin and worried to be damaged by collision. It is recommended that the wearer's body size should be matched with the appropriate thickness, and that the emailer should not wear too thick bangles (bulky), whereas the fattier may choose a slightly chunky bracelet.
As surface polishing grinding smooth, carved on the some special lines or like longfeng totem mascot, some people also preference pattern or bamboo vulture act the role ofing, can choose according to the age and the like, such as the elderly like carving surface of a bracelet for a lucky, and young people prefer simple smooth surface of the bracelet and so on.

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