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Natural Jade Gua Sha Nephrite Gua Sha JRN069

Natural Jade Gua Sha Nephrite Gua Sha JRN069

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Nephrite jade origin: Kunlun Mountains,China

Quantity: One piece

Jade roller size: Approximate 9x6x0.8cm

Processing time: 5-7 business days

Shipping: Standard Airmail worldwide

Estimated delivery time: 12-20 days

Benefits: Jade roller reduces puffiness and wrinkles by improving blood circulation. In a daily skincare routine, Facial Roller spreads face scream and serum evenly and makes it easier to be absorbed. It gives your skin a radiant and natural glow if you keep using it. Gua Sha originates in China and is well received as a way of physiotherapy everywhere today. By massaging on certain acupoints on chin, jawline, neck and back, Gua Sha facial tools relaxes muscle, reduces tension and improves lymphatic drainage.